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So I decided to try this game out, already had a PWE account so I've been trying to login. I am -pretty- sure the linking process worked but it gave me no sort of confirmation.

I can login to the account on the website just fine. But in the game it says my username or password is incorrect.

After some digging, I found out my password may be -too long- and that's why it won't work. Thing is, I CAN'T CHANGE MY PASSWORD because the existing one won't fit in the password change box. How the hell do I fix this problem?


Figured out how to change my password, it is still saying my username/password is invalid at the game login screen.

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# 2 same issue
06-25-2012, 05:53 PM
I am having the same issue. After linking, when I try to log into my cryptic account, it says to use my perfect world account. When I try to use my Perfect World account, it says invalid username or password.

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