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Originally Posted by eiledon View Post
i dont know if you quoted the wrong post nyiad, but my comment wasn't even aimed at you but at the poster directly above me and how forums will always be full of people complaining in general because thats what some people like to do. Fact of life. I was just saying there are plenty of other threads from people just playing the games too.

the next paragraph is a general comment about how to avoid the 1 spam advert box on the forum and the floaty Facebook box. if help offends you i am sorry.
Ah, couldn't tell at all with this new forum setup. My bad on that misunderstanding. :smile:
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Originally Posted by mikewendell View Post
No offense but a quick search for the error message should have turned up quite a lot of discussion on how it's your PW account that it's being counted again, not your Cryptic or STO one and how the devs are looking into it.
I didn't care about searching for the error. I was pointing out yet another PWE shortcoming in regards to their site and forum. I apologize for not breaking that down "Barney Style." I'll try better next time.

Originally Posted by mikewendell View Post
Talk about irony.

Irony indeed, since I had to re-visit to clarify for one individual. How long have you worked for PWE?

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