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# 1 New Doff Race ideas ver 2
06-26-2012, 08:45 AM
#1: Kriosians/Valtese. this would be a KDF race. Kriosians are actually the first race in Star Trek to use the look that later came to be used for the Trill in DS9. see:
Traits: seductive(sometimes), unscrupulous(usually), tactful(usually), honorable(if not unscrupulous)
Faction: Klingon, maybe others too

Thus Heretic and friends (Archon and Borticus now) could reuse the pics used for the Trill for the Kriosians. Why would a relatively peaceful race be KDF? Krios is one of the worlds subjugated by the Klingons. In STO's timeline it has been a subject world for almost a century. Thus it would make sense for some Kriosians to have been inducted into the Klingon military. Also, depending on their proximity to Romulan space, they could be used as Romulan Doffs.(assuming we ever get playable Romulan faction)

#2: Ocampa, the char creator has the parts for them. So it'd be pretty easy to make art for them. also.... there's apparently an Ocampa at ESD.
Traits: TP(always), TK(sometimes), Eidetic Memory(always), congenial(often) and tactful(often)
faction: Federation or Romulan

#3: I have on several occasions jokingly sugested adding Ktarian Doffs. The problem is that the game just can't do Ktarians at all in the Char creator. These would work okay as a race shared by Feds and Klinks, if they could be done at all.
traits: cunning, unscrupulous, peaceful
faction: any

#4: someone suggested the idea of Horta as Doffs. Many of you remember them as the lovable rock creatures encountered by Captain Kirk. And they're already in the game, but ONLY as combat pets. Horta are a sentient species. Using them only as combat pets is kinda strange for the Federation. It'd be relatively easy to do art for Horta Doffs, just adapt the inventory icons for the various Horta variants that exist already. Horta could also be done relatively easily as a cross faction race.
Traits: Resilient(sometimes), Eidetic Memory(sometimes), Aggressive(usually), Peaceful(usually), Honorable(sometimes), Stubborn(sometimes), Emotional(sometimes), radiation resistant(always, see 10/11/12/13)
faction: Federation, maybe others too

#5: another amusing idea that was suggested was to use Kelvans. However as Kelvans are natives of another Galaxy they'd need to be relatively rare, but for this reason they could be a cross-faction race. As for Art.... Kelvans can't live in M-Class environments in their native form (bird like creatures). They take on the forms of humanoids when they must live in an M-class environment. Thus they are another candidate for a race that reuses existing race art.
faction: any

#6/7: make Xindi and Suliban less rare.

#8: Add Bynars. they could be either a Fed race or a Fed/romulan race.
traits: Logical(often), eidetic memory(always), teamwork(often), unscrupulous(often)
faction: Federation, Romulan

#9: add Tamarians
traits: Emotional(usually), spiritual(usually)
faction: Federation

#10/11/12/13: add Sheliak, traits: Eidetic memory, cunning, stubborn, and cold-blooded
tholians, Silver Blood (and Horta) as races with a special trait that gives them a bonus on missions that involve environmental hazards. this trait could also be given to certain humans. Tau Cygna had at one time a population of humans who had somehow acquired an immunity to Hyperonic Radiation.

#14: Medusans are a race that Starfleet has had contact with since at least Kirk's time. It would make sense for them to have some members in starfleet.
traits: eidetic memory, telepathic
faction: Federation

#15: Sentient Nanite colonies. TNG had an episode with them.
traits: eidetic memory, unruly
faction: any

#16: FGC 47 lifeforms. this is an energy based race native to the Nebula FGC 47, they are not strictly a hostile race but have difficulty understanding humanoids. As an Energy based race they have abilities rarely encounterd in humanoids. thus they could have shroud and telekinesis as innate abilities.
traits: shroud(always), telekinetic(always), unruly(often), unscrupulous(sometimes)
faction: Federation, maybe others

#17: Zalkonians come in two forms, humanoids and sentient energy beings, though it's not clear if the energy beings can reproduce after "ascending". this race was not affiliated with the Federation and could be used in game for any faction.
faction: any

#18-22: More random humanoids: Denobulans(long time Federation ally), Tiburonians, Haliians(apparently a member in TNG), Yridians, Napeans(another race seen to serve in TNG-era starfleet)
Denobulan traits: congenial, tactful
Tiburonian traits: Efficient, logical

#23-27: human look-alike races that aren't human: Ardanans, Argelians, Gideons, Eminians, Angel 1 Natives, etc... these would be relatively easy as they don't require adding new race pictures.

#28: Dolphins or a dolphin-like race
traits: congenial, teamwork

#29: Aquans were encountered by TOS era Starfleet.

#30: Grazerites, one Federation president was Grazerite, thus it makes sense to have Grazerites in starfleet
traits: teamwork, tactful, peaceful, congenial
faction: Federation

#31/32: Anticans and Selay, BOTH races applied for Federation membership simultaneously, then got told that to be Federation members they would have to abandon their blood feud.
Antican traits: agressive, unruly
Selay traits: cold blooded, resilient, unruly
faction: any, after their failed bid they could have turned to other galactic powers for "help"

#33: Kazarite background race
traits: telekinetic, telepathic, peaceful

#34: Mintakans could have become involved in interplanetary affairs since they met the Ent-D crew. Not due to developing Warp drive, but due to someone deciding they wanted their planet.
traits: logical(sometimes), agressive(sometimes)

#35: Chameloid one of the few women immune to Kirk's charm..
traits: seductive, unscrupulous, cunning
faction: Klingon

#36: Allasomorph they had regular dealing with TNG era starfleet.
traits: nearly random

So what other fun ideas are out there?

#37: Arin'Sen
Race subjugated by the Klingon empire in ENT-era.

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