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This is a repost of a thread from before the forums got mucked up. I'm reposting to make sure I have access to it, and to get more comments. It's my "old" ship now because I moved up from the star cruiser to an Odyssey. I'll get around to that MSD eventually... Anyways, here's the MSD, quoted as-is from my old post.

Originally Posted by Archived Post View Post
Hey everyone! I've made a Master Systems Display for my ship, the USS Bajor. I think it's pretty cool, and I'd like to share it with you all. Here's a link to an album with the MSD, as well as a few screenshots of the ship itself: Here's a link to the MSD itself, should work out better than Imageshack:
and without the LCARS:
WARNING: the images of the MSD itself are HUGE. No, seriously, they are BIG files. You've been warned.

Anyways, let me know what you think! Thoughts, comments, questions, concerns, etc.

Here are some questions I've already answered:

How did you determine the size?
Before ESD got Q'd, I lined my ship up with some canon ships in dry dock, and took a screenshot with the camera moved to the very bottom. I made sure I went to Memory Alpha & Ex Astris Scientia to find some that had consistent, verified sizes (i.e., NOT the Defiant). I used a Sovereign and an Intrepid class, scaled the screenshots out so that they were sized correctly, and measured my own. I had a screenie with an Excelsior waiting in the wings, but the difference of size between the 2 shots was so small it didn't really matter. There was about a 10 foot difference, and on a half mile long ship I figured that didn't matter. So I think I averaged the size, or picked one about that length that I liked or something, and ran with it.

Upside down people? Double size decks? What the heck is going on?
Lower Saucer Decks
First, let's look at a Galaxy class starship's saucer. That thing is pretty flat, so to prevent people from standing on the windows, they are indented on the bottom half. Now, I don't know if you've seen a Star Cruiser saucer, but those things make a Galaxy class saucer look like a flippin' skyscraper! Seriously, they are flat as a pancake. Unfortunately, the windows are not indented. While I was figuring out the decks, I realized that Starfleet had all kinds of variable gravity technology, and decided to use it. So, instead of turning my ship into a literal glass-bottom-boat, I turned the people upside down. Plus, it gives me a pseudo-realistic reason to use the NX designation in game, other than "it looks so cool!"

Decks in General
Oh boy. I'm honestly not sure I want to talk about this, it was pretty traumatic. As much as possible, I used the shape and textures of the ship itself to determine the interior structure. I spent hours trying to figure out what the heck was going on with the windows on my ship in game (Nerdy, pointless, possibly obsessive? This is a post about a fan-made Star Trek MSD, what do you expect?). Anyways, the textures are a complete MESS. You've got windows that don't line up with other windows, extra rows that pop up randomly... and this isn't even caused by some sort of hull/saucer mix up. On the hull itself, there are three different angles of window! I was actually considering putting in "The Hill," an area in the middle of the ship that had angled decks. Finally, after trying to reconcile the mess that was the in game windows, I just said "forget it," and counted how many decks there ought to be, and drew that many straight lines. It worked out so much better for me and my still-not-bald head.

Is that a horizontal warp core? That is SO 23rd century.
Well, like I said, I tried to use the exterior to determine the interior's workings. While I was looking at my ship, I decided to see if the designers had put in a warp core ejection hatch (they hadn't - not surprising given the general state of its textures). But, I did find a little triangular section on the upper back half of the hull, formed when they took the texture they'd done on one half of the ship, flipped it, and stuck it on the other half. I decided that it would be the warp core ejection hatch. Not only that, but that whole area of the ship really looks like the "spine" of the ship; a literal backbone. A horizontal warp core fit perfectly there, and since there is only one row of windows, it made sense to put in as many labs or supplies and random shape junk as I could, and fill the windowed areas with crew quarters and stuff.

Speaking of warp related items, those are some funky looking warp coils.
Maybe, but take a look at this in game MSD: Not so funky now, eh? Besides, I figured that this is the 25th century; warp coils have made advancements by now, and they have to light up like giant white christmas trees before you go to transwarp. Plus, they look pretty cool, which is really the point of the whole thing.

That shuttlebay looks pretty big. How many shuttles are in there?
36 type 18 pods, 10 sphinx work craft, 12 type 8 shuttles, 8 Enterprise E/Type 11, 1 Delta class, and 1 Danube class runabout.

Holy crap, that is a lot of shuttles! Why so many?
Because they fit. I started looking for the shuttlebay, but where it normally is on a Starfleet vessel was taken up by a big fat impulse engine. Luckily, there exists these indented door type areas that are obviously the place that the shuttle bay doors are. Based on the size of those, plus a bit of room to each side, I came up with this diagram: (That diagram was made before I put in the maintenance areas and cargo lifts. The cargo lifts were put in before I remembered for a second time that anti-gravity means cargo lifts don't need pistons). And if you'll look at the Enterprise D's shuttle complement, it's not all that far fetched.

Speaking of small craft, let's talk about escape pods. Just for fun.
Just in case you were wondering, the amount of escape pods does indeed match that of the ship in game. They're all there (although one is behind sickbay, so you can't see it. Oops?) The placement is as close as I could get it, although given the debacle that is exterior details, a few pods off by a deck aren't a big deal. There are 88 pods on each side, for a total of 176. Assuming each pod fits 6 people, you can evacuate 1,056 people on them. I figure that plenty of people will escape via the shuttles, which means there is plenty of space on small craft to evacuate all 1,000 crew, as well as any visitors/prisoners/hitch hiking aliens/what have you.

In the plaque, I put some shout outs to people whose MSD designs or websites helped me make my MSD:
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I've actually seen that sooner (but didn't read it all) and didn't get to comment.

Gotta say, you must've spent quite some time on this. And it doesn't look bad in any way.

If you really enjoy it, at least you have nothing to fear, there's plenty ships to go.
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