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Since there hasn't been a thread to discuss this so far, I thought I would start one:

What I like:

I'm told publishing works again.

The new assets! Finally we can have a funeral scene with a flag-draped coffin! Can't have it slide down the launch bay into a torpedo tube, but that's more a limitation of the engine, so I'm not fussed about it.

Love the glass displays, I just built a custom engineering set for an Odyssey Class, can't wait for this to go live so I can add in the glass display. Also really like the banners.

That said, a lot of these are assets from the very recent Utopia Planitia map, and there are a lot of assets out there that we've wanted for a long time, like some of the TOS stuff from the Dividian FE, maybe they could get working on those

Losing "dialogue with object." Already talked about that in the thread up in the Foundry forum, so I'll just say here that it doesn't bother me. Zero says we'll have it back sometime when they can squash the bugs.

Bug Fixes:

Look good to me, haven't tested them thoroughly (was distracted by fleet starbases!)

The bad:

The Thundercougarfalconbird is still gone!

Seriously though I don't see anything particularly bad with the latest update, but it seems some of the things we were told about for season six are still not there (NPC waypoint pathing and updated search are the two I know about). There are also no new maps. Hopefully more updates to come.

The possibly bad:

The UP backdrop is really in game now, which is great, but the station geometry and the spacedocks outside still get weirdly grey and hazy. I don't remember clearly enough when it was in game to say whether or not this working properly, but I remember them as being much clearer out the window. Maybe that greying out would go away if the mission is published.

Please feel free to add your feedback below.
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