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Okay so i wrote a bug report for tribble down there in the other forum. I wrote, that the game crashes as soon as i push "Engage". I also reinstalled the game and that didnt change. Now i tried force verify and all that happens is what you can see on the image:

There is no change and it takes like 30 seconds when it changes to the normal "Ready" state again (and not 10-20 minutes). I also removed some files to force the game to verify but that doesnt change anything. Next thing, i can only start the game in safe mode (since the last update). Otherwise, the game will stuck in the loading screen. However, this also happens in safe mode from time to time and requires me to restart the game several times until it (at some point) starts. I need to readjust all my settings then.. this doesnt make much fun. I will stop playing STO until that gets fixed (if anyone from dev team will ever read this.. i dont know).

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