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Well now that these new energy weapon doffs are out, the cannon build for the Excelsior is looking even more tasty! I recently switched back to it, and I love it!

Currently my build is:


[All Antiproton]

1x Mk XII purple [Borg] DBB
3x Mk XII purple [Borg] SINGLE cannons

4x Mk XII purple [Borg] turrets


3x AP Mag Regulators Mk XI Blue
2x Field Emitters
2x Neutronium Consoles, 1x Plasma Resist Console, 1x assimilated console

Shields: MACO Mk XII
Deflector: MACO Mk XII
Engines: Borg

Doffs: 2x Tac Team (aiming for purple eventually); 3x Energy weapon - cannon (Purple not AS important, but still want to get them) (3x of these gives you just under 50% chance for a trigger, around 48.8% chance);

Tac Lt. Cmdr: Tac Team I; CRF I; BO III;
Engi Cmdr:EPtS I; RSP; Aux2SIF II; DEM III;
Engi Lt:EPtS I;[something, don't know if DEM I is a lt. ability or not]
Engi Ens:EPtW I
Sci Lt: Polarize Hull I; TSS II

The idea is that I have CRF running fairly often with the DOffs, you use BOIII in conjunction with the DBB and use EPtW immediately after to recover. You use the DEM in conjunction with the CRF, and I didn't put Engi team II in that Lt slot because ill be running tac team constantly with the doffs.

There are no torps, I know, and I was considering trying to make it a cannons/torp boat with 2 torps fore, but I don't think there are enough tac boff slots for that, so I just stick with energy.

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