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Since the patch hit Tribble today with the fleet starbases, I am having the RETURN of that terrible ripping sound that affected Logitech gaming headsets (I'm using a G930). The last time I heard the sound was when they first released Bajor ground and it would do that there.

Well, now it's back. It's on the fleet starbases, in the space PvE mission "Fleet Starbase Defense" and in the space PvE mission "Starbase Blockade". The only way to get the sound to stop is to completely quit the client. Logging out and back in does stops it only for a second.

PLEASE fix this. It makes it where I don't want to play they game - choice between playing with an overwhelming and painful ripping sound OR play with NO sound.

I bug reported each time I experienced the problem.

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Join Date: Jun 2012
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06-27-2012, 11:03 AM
I would like to get some sort of confirmation that Cryptic is aware of and working on this issue.

I submitted bug reports on Tribble, but of course their system never shows that I have any tickets. Can you bug report the bug reporting system? :tongue:

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