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I'm going to start a list to help players find quality Foundry missions. These are missions that have generally been well-received by the Foundry community, whether kindly reviewed by podcasts or spotlighted as winners of contests, etc. I'm also consulting influential members of the community, who will also add to this list.

In many ways, I'll be adding to the Nagus list, which is not frequently updated. And yes, I'm going to include my own missions in this list, if they've been favorably reviewed by podcasts like Foundry Files, Podcast UGC and RedShirt Army.

Rules: If a missions is favorably reviewed by a Podcast, it makes the list. If it is spotlighted, or if it is a contest winner, it makes the list. Otherwise, you may nominate a mission for the list (other than your own mission). If it's seconded with a vote, it makes the list. Missions centered around fleets will be an exception here. No console clickers can be nominated.

If you want to see your missions reviewed in a podcast please email or Or, get in touch with or CaptPFDennis of Bitesize UGC.

Priority One also reviews Foundry missions: "To get the missions you are making using The Foundry featured on the show, send in the name of your mission, a brief description, and your @handle to Elijah and James will personally test out your mission and give you feedback over the air."

Otherwise, respond in this thread with suggestions for the community to add.

Note: I haven't personally played every mission on this list. But, I'm pretty sure that every mission will not disappoint.

List is in the process of constructing.

Federation missions:

"Alexandria Incident" by Gingie
"Alpha Flight" by RemairTemac
"Animations with Helna" by Havraha
"Another Man's Hell" by CheRoj
"Argus Array Repair Daily" by Duke_of_Rock
"Atlas Affair" (series) by Nagorak
"Avenging Resolution" by AJStoner
"A Battle Lost" by cheapcard1
"Bishop's Crook" by Pi-3Orionis
"Black Boxes" by Patarival
"Brains Before Bounty" by Dixonium
"Breaking the Mirror" (series) by AdmiralMurphy
"Bulldog Days" by Darren_Kitlor
"Camelot Under Siege" by Tucana
"Carnosaur Sanctum" by Gugeyewalker
"Checks and Balances" by My_God_its_Full_of_Stars
"Chronotons and Klingons" by CaptPFDennis
"City of the Polmar Reee" by Alimac30
"Class Dismissed" (series) by CaptPFDennis
"Clouded Intentions" by Soriedem
"Come Babel or High Water" by Soriedem
"The Computer's Daughter" by XR-377
"Conjoined" by DenizenVI
"Contamination" by Evil70th
"Cowboy Diplomacy" by K.Kaitan
"The Crossing" (series) by AAS0009
"Dark Alliance" by Skydawn
"Dark Ice" By Captain_Revo
"The Darkshadow Deception" (series) by Irish_Darkshadow
"Deadly Intentions" series by Sovereign77x
"Death By A Thousand Papercuts" by Necrobones
"Deep Space 11" by AdmiralMurphy
"Defector" by Spiderman8512
"Dereliction Duty" by Nagorak
"Descent into Madness" (series) by FutureCaptain
"Depths of Nukara Prime" by P_Sutherland
"Dissent" series by Drogyn1701
"Divide et Regnus" by Captain.Hunter
"Drawing Proof" by Darren_Kitlor
"Dreams of Salvation and Glory" by Tucana
"Evangeline" by Etherghost
"The Feint" by Mike39x
"Final Judgment" by Leviathan99
"Finding Lascaux" (series) by gulberst
"Finding Resolution" by AJStoner; See also "Avenging Resolution"
"First Cause, Then Effect" by RogueEnterprise
"Flashpoint Q" by RogueEnterprise
"Flight of the Kitty Hawk" (series) by Entropius
"The Floods at Home" (series) by Woody_Valley
"For Every Action" (series) by CaptPFDennis
"Forget Me Not" by Sovereign77x
"From the Stars...Life" by Magellan_Lin
"Fungus Among Us" by Borticus
"The Gemini Effect" by Gryphoner
"Ghosts of War" by NCC-89471
"Grazorak City" by Woghd
"The Gemini Effect" (series) by Gryphoner
"Good Intentions" (series) by RogueEnterprise
"The Great Escape" by Zorbane
"Happiness is a Warm Gorn" by CaptPFDennis
"Helna of Troy" by Kirkfat
"Hijacked" by Pendra80
"The Hunter and the Hunted" by Casi.o.peia
"Hunt for the Daq Duj" by Seancy8512
"The Iconian Connection" by TFR_MACO_Specialist
"The Infinitesimal Frontier" by Dixonium
"The Interwarp Experiment" by AstroRobLA
"In the Shadow of Midas, part 1" by GreenDragoon
"The Jem H'dar Alliance" (series) by AdmiralMurphy
"Katra" (series) by Woody_Valley
"Keeping Up with the J'Sens" by Castmodean
"Legacy of a Martyr" by DLRevan
"Left to Die" by Tiuz
"The Longing" by RachelGarrett
"A Lost Reflection" by Rfrance74
"The Mayns of Balnar Moon" by Alimac30
"Maelstrom" by Altexist
"Malleus Maleficarum" by Dewey001
"Memory Lane" by Bazag
"Murder on the Sapphire Tide" by Scribe407
"The Mysteries of Pon Farr" by Bazag
"The Needs of the Few" by Kirkfat
"Neutral Zone Infraction" by Alexandus5787
"Nine of Deep Space" by Captain_Revo
"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" by Captain_Revo
"No Prize for Second Contact" (series) by Contactpsi
"Not Always a Good Day" by Coltrain
"Not Our War" by Zondi
"Of Minds and Men" by Necrobones
"Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things" by Aurangzeb
"One Too Many" by XR-377
"Open Secrets" by Zadama
"Own Worst Enemy" by RogueEnterprise
"Over There" by Drogyn1701
"Overture" (series) by KineticImpulser
"Parralel Intersections/Intentions" by FoxRocks
"Perfection" by Ashkrik23
"Perilous Prize" by Nagorak
"Personal Reflections" by XR-377
"Plato's Grandchildren" by Raptorwalker
"Plato's Requiem" by Raptorwalker.
"Profit At Any Cost" by Dassem_Ultor
"Project Echo: A Lost Reflection" by Rfrance74
"Purity" (series) by various authors
"A Radio Blast from the Past" by Telatheus
"Relapse" (Valkyrie series) by Gingie
"A Relic's Return" by Armsman
"Relics" by Kirkfat
"Rema Donna" by Havraha
"Remains of DaiMon" by CaptPFDennis
"Repairing Utopia Planitia" by bruckner
"Respect for Your Elders" by CaptPFDennis
"Resting Raptors" by Terral
"Retribution" (series) by Rejak
"The Return to Terra Nova" by Kirkfat
"Rise of Darkness" (series) by jake81nx
"Risian Sunset" by Soridem
"The Rising Phoenix" by H20rat
"Romulan Zoo" by Commodore Bob
"The Second to the Last Outpost" by OldLordSkull
"Secret Academy" and "Needs of the many voices" (series) by Chooch99
"Sink the Bismarck" by Drogyn1701
"Shadow War - Mist in the Night" by MrCC3000
"Shadows of the Past" by BackyardSerenade
"Slaves and Seductions" by Kirkfat
"Somewhere in Time" by Drogyn1701
"Space Quest" by DangerOne
"Spawn of Medusa" (series) by Duke-of-Rock
"Spectre of the Past" by DenizenVI
"Spectres, part 6" by HippieJohn
"The Spirits of Ramok Nor" by Alimac30
"A Splint in Time" by Milesredria
"Starfleet Experimentation" by Bazag
"Star Trek: Allegiance" (series) chicochavez
"State Secrets" by Darren_Kitlor
"Stilleto" by Woghd
"Stormfront" by rjc_foxtrot
"The Sword of Kuvah'Magh" by krwolcott
"The Syndicate Extraction" by Galactrix
"The Temple of the Pah Wraiths" by Captain Revo
"Terror Knocks at the Door" (series) by AdmiralMurphy
"This Far No Further" by Captain_Revo
"A Time for Birth" by Samsa1979
"A Time to Search" by Lincolninspace
"Tipping Point" by Altexist
"To Helna And Back" by Havraha
"Too Far Array" by MJRigg
"Torchbearers" by Deus114
"Treasure of Argelius II" (series) by Captain.Hunter
"Tug of War" by CreamyGoodness
"Two Cloaks, One Dagger" by RogueEnterprise
"Unholy Alliances" (series) by Soriedem
"Uplift" by Walshicus
"Victory is Q" by AdmiralMurphy
"Vulcan Love Slave #9" by Kirkfat
"War and Q" by RogueEnterprise
"What are Little Ferengi Made Of?" by My_God_its_Full_of_Stars
"When The War Began" by Chooch99 (see also: "When the War Began Again)
"A Will and a Barclay" by XR-377
"The Worst of All Worlds" by Captain_Revo
"Yesterday is Tomorrow" by Leviathan99
"The Zypex Intrusion" by Klintobean

Klingon missions:

"12th Honor Guard" by Knuckles
"Argus Array Sabotage Daily" by Duke_of_Rock
"Betrayal of the Empire" by Evil70th
"Blood Brothers" by SBCouto
"Boqrat Day" by Soriedem
"Bowels of Nukara Prime" by P_Sutherland
"The Computer's Son" by XR-377
"Counter-strike" by Jorgee_Mcoth
"Crouching Ty'gokor Hidden Demon" by Captain_Revo
"Damocles' Mirror" by DangerOne
"Dead Men Tell No Tales" by Aavarius
"Enemies of the Empire" by Bazag
"The Fire in Which We Burn" by Captain_Revo
"The Fires of Prometheus" by Soridem
"Far From Home" by Fulvius
"Federation Desperation" by Maziken
"Future Shock" by Captain_Revo
"General Rebellion" by CaptPFDennis
"Grapok in the General's Lung" by Malize
"The Hegemony Strikes Back" by Maziken
"Here Today, Gorn Tomorrow" by Maziken
"Hero of the Empire" by RogueEnterprise
" Honor of Ferasa" by sirboulevard (Sequels: "Honor of Orions" and "Honor of the Empire")
"The Honour of Profit" by Bazag
"The Hunt" by Carnagefiend
"A Klingon Honor Carol" by Soriedem
"Infiltration Point" by Captain_Revo
"Krios Falling" by Alien_de_Jour
"Mind Games" by Bazag
"Prison Break" by Zonerie
"The Prisoner" by Captain_Revo
"Order of Hov'lw" by SBCouto
"Qapla'" by Zonerie
"Raktijino in a Jar" by Drogyn1701
"Red Omens" by Starstruck
"Rise of the Dark Hand" by Midge1990
"Safari So Good" by Meth_Shadowstorm
"Salvage" by Shamrockduck
"Shipwrecked" by Gregg247
"Sins of the Son" by Netherblood
"Silent Night" by NX-89
"Space Conquest" by DangerOne
"Star of Power" by SBCouto
"Stray Dogs" by Drkfrontiers
"Sword of the Kuvah'Magh" krwolcott
"Tempus Fugit" by Captain_Revo
"Terrors of the Past" by Kahn
"Time the Enemy" by Havraha
"Time Will Tell" by XR-377
"Time the Ally" by Havraha
"To Mock A Killing Bird" by Dewey001
"Tribblesome Times" by SoKErroneous
"Victory Is Life" by Unit757
"Vulture Wheel" by Darren_Kitlor

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I respectfully submit my own mission for the list.

Evil70 reviewed this a while back a while ago and gave it 5 stars. It is called Hunter/Killer, it is a Klingon mission.
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I also had 4 of my missions spotlighted by Evil70th and had them featured in a few Case Study's by Tucana. I'd welcome any additional reviews of them or any feedback anyone would like to submit on them.

Klingon Mission: - "Trill Death do we Part"

Federation Missions: - Pioneer Series
-"Frontier Pioneer"
-"Pioneering the Frontier"
-"The Final Pioneer"

12th Fleet - Allied Task Force Division

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Thanks a bunch for this Kirkfat. I'm working on a new "Wall of Commendation" right now...
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Last weekend Broadcast UGC ran "Alexandria Incident" by Gingie and we liked it a lot (I was a guest host ). It's Federation side.
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Some big names on that missions can't compete
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Originally Posted by drogyn1701 View Post
Last weekend Broadcast UGC ran "Alexandria Incident" by Gingie and we liked it a lot (I was a guest host ). It's Federation side.
K, will add.

To others, I'm a little hesitant to add from Evil70th's list. But I will let him pick his top 10 favs and add those to the list if they're not there.
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06-28-2012, 05:33 PM
Thanks Kirkfat. I hate sifting through the in game list searching for good missions to the point where I have given up
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