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Ramming Speed I've used to escape. But I find both self destruct and fleet support to both be useless. I've never once used Fleet Support, I think it could be a useful if the 50% hull requirement was removed.
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Both those abilities are a great help in battle if used correctly.

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Originally Posted by Archived Post View Post
Relative mass of target to tractor ship is irrelevant other than that the Death Star has a lot of energy to put into a tractor beam.... but that doesn't make pulling a ship in intact easier. Arguably it makes it harder.
The mass of the ship is actually the most important factor. A Cooper Mini can chain itself to a bus, but I guarantee you that when the bus decides to leave, it is the Cooper Mini that is going where the bus goes, not the other way around. The strength of the tractor beam only equates to a stronger chain.

Using a tractor beam as a weapon means you have to route power, coordinate engine power, override shielding, and so on. These are not skills that the average crewman who knows how to pull a friendly shuttle safely into the shuttle bay would know how to do.

There is no evidence that the crew of the death star were particularly well trained. The accuracy of their turrets didn't seem that much better than the accuracy of the average Storm Trooper, hence Darth having to handle the situation himself.

A larger ship should, in theory, mean higher quality crew but it can also lead to complacency too.

Other than your need to denigrate the crew for the sake of your argument, there is no reason to presume otherwise. The Death Star was the most powerful ship in the galaxy. It was the Emperor's special project. "Complacency" in the Empire, especially when under the watchful eye of either the Emperor or Vader, resulted in "Apology accepted" endings. The likelihood that the Death Star was manned by run of the mill personnel is highly unlikely. It is almost certain that the Death Star was manned by the cream of the Empire, and complacency is death at such a post, so, no, they were not complacent.

As to the argument that their turrets were not very accurate, the whole point of using single seat fighters for the attack was that the Death Star defenses were designed for a large scale attack from capital ships. They considered small fighters no threat. As such, the reason the turrets could not easily target and destroy small fighters was that they were not designed to do so. The competency of the crews manning them was not the problem.

The bottom line is that a tractor beam is not a weapon. It can be used as such, but to be used as a weapon effectively, you need someone who is specially trained or who has special talents.

As I believe I pointed out earlier, the transporter crew in the last movie couldn't lock onto Kirk and Sulu as they fell from the drill. Chekov ran from the bridge to the transporter room yelling "I can do this." He rushed in, pushed the average transporter crew person with average skills out of the way, switched to manual, and beamed them aboard.

That is the picture here. Yes, there are tractor beams on most ships. Yes, there would be crew who knew how to use them. However, to use such equipment effectively as a weapon, you would need crew with special training or special skills. Not just any schmuck could use it as such.

Either way, Tractor Beam I is an Ensign level science skill. Every ship in the fleet has at least one science Ensign level BOff slot. That means that any ship in the fleet has the ability to use Tractor Beam as weapon, making the whole argument that "every ship" should be able to use it moot. Continuing the argument means that you think that it should be free for everyone. Taking that argument, then, every ship should be able to use any BOff skill for free because all ships can have beams, cannons, torpedoes, and so forth. So any crewman should be able to fire high yield, rapid fire, fire at will, or any other special tactical skill. All ships have shield, so anyone should be able to heal them. All ships have hull repair systems, so anyone should be able to repair hull damage.

The bottom line is that you need to make a choice. If you want to use Tractor Beam, train a Science Officer in the skill and slot him. If you don't want to do that, then get the Borg set, which comes with a free Tractor Beam. Arguing that you can throw any schmuck on a tractor beam control and expect him to disable any ship regardless of how powerful and how well its crew is trained just because you want the skill for free simply doesn't fly.

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The only uses I've ever seen for Ramming speed and abandon ship were a loooong time ago.

It used to be great fun to grief ESD in the spawn area. (ramming to activate red alert, then abandon). One breach alone, didn't do much, but get some friends together and coordinate them... lol. Good times.

The other, was back when you could inflict MASSIVE damage to the crystalline entity with Ramming Speed in a cruiser. Used to be the general strategy to coordinate all the cruisers to do ramming runs :tongue:

Not much fun anymore.
Some others I find on the lower end of the useful list (I'm talking PvE):
Jam Sensors seems pretty useless to me nowadays, since inflicting a certain amount of damage to the afflicted enemy, cancels it. Used to be extremely useful tho.
Same with Energy Siphon, back when one could rotate them. Now, especially with everything seeming to having moderate resist to energy drain, it's just so-so.
Scramble sensors and Feedback pulse too. Just lack any real utility.
And dispersal patterns. Heck, mines in general, lol
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