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06-27-2012, 07:14 PM
Been grinding IGE hard for almost 3 weeks looking for proto tech, which by the way hasn't dropped on any mission for me in almost 2 months.

IGE has to be the least popular STF and most of the time I have to resort to the PUG queue in order to run it. People unfamiliar with the triggers or tactics can be deadly to the team.

I've had allot of failed runs, but for the most part I wouldn't blame them on the uninitiated. My biggest gripe is with the "elitists" in the final room.

There are lots of ways to mess up here, most of the time it boils down to people being slow and falling into the plasma pool. This really doesn't bother me, I am willing the run the end room as many times as it takes to finish the mission. However, the "elite" player will spend 15-30 mins to get to the final room, but after a few bad runs, in less than 5 mins, they will call the team newbs and quit. Usually this prompts another team member to quit and the mission ending up a wash.

Almost every failed run I have had in IGE is the similar to the situation I just laid out.

Anyways, since I ranted about the mission, I will keep the story that prompted this short.

IGE, at the start I have 2 people using only melee weapons and another player only using a pistol. This brings on allot of agro with little firepower to fend it off.

The path to the final room is a struggle, but we still end up making decent time.

The final room

I have one player that starts to yell at everyone to use melee weapons. Ignore.

Clear center platform

I get to the first platform on the right and push/blast the borg into the plasma pool.

Only two of us appear to be confident in our jumps. I end up waiting with another player as a third attempts to jump over.

Now it gets weird, we drop the shield and one player starts yelling, "DONT UPLOAD VIRUS".

"I have never heard this strategy", I think to myself. One player tries to upload, but the shields come back up. The two others than move off the platform and head over to the next node.

I am totally baffled. I am forced to follow them because they are unwilling to come back.

We work the second node, drop shields. This time I sucessfully upload the virus and again someone is yelling, "WHY ARE YOU UPLOADING THE VIRUS". I am clueless.

Move to the third and it is a repeat of the first. Drop the shields, one player tries to upload the virus, but the shields come back up. Again, "DONT UPLOAD THE VIRUS YET". The two other players move to the final platform. I am still clueless to what this player is doing.

Get to the final platform and the player yelling about the virus, informs us that we are all newbs who don't know what we are doing. They then promptly quit, quickly followed by another.

This really upset me. I knew I had a motley group of people in this mission, but once we got to the final room I sure thought we could finish the job. To have players quit after a few minutes into the final room was really annoying.

Well I wasn't going to to try and run with the other two players, I bailed. Still have no clue what the one player was on about. In the end it was the same old story for me. One impatient and uninformed player ruined it for the group.

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