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# 1 Shipdifferences?
06-28-2012, 01:39 AM

looking through the C-Store because of the summer sale of ships I recognized, that some ships have nearly the same skills/consoles/equipment but differ huge in their prize.
So it may be only a lack of information or the short description of that ships in the shop and perhaps someone here can tell me the advantage between them.

a) Advanced heavy cruiser retrofit for 1600 C-Points (now 1280)
The Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit comes with an Advanced Transwarp Drive. Starfleet's "great experiment" of the 2280s, this ability allows the ship to instantly travel to the Regulus, Sirius, Pi Canis, Alpha Centauri, Psi Velorum, Iota Pavonis, Beta Ursae, Alpha Trianguli or Eta Eridani Sector Blocks at no cost. The Advanced Transwarp Drive also offers a constant passive bonus to Starship Energy Weapon Performance, Starship Shield Performance, Starship Engine Performance and Starship Auxiliary Performance which scales with level.

b) Advanced heavy cruiser for 800 C-points (now 640)
The Advanced Heavy Cruiser has a Transwarp ability that allows instant travel to the Regulus, Sirius or Pi Canis Sector Blocks at no cost. It also comes equipped with a Transwarp Computer Console. This console grants the ship a passive bonus to Starship Warp Core Efficiency that scales with level as well as reducing the recharge time of all Transwarp travel abilities.

Its just some more destinations and another look, right? Or do I miss anything else?

a) Advanced research vessel for 800 C-Point (now 640)
The Research Vessel Retrofit comes equipped with a Tachyon Detection Field console. This console gives the ship a passive bonus to Starship Sensor Array as well as the ability to deploy a Tachyon Detection Field that will increase Starship Sensors and Cloak Detection. The Tachyon Detection Field console may be slotted into any Federation ship in any console slot.

b) Advanced research vessel retrofit for 1600 C-Points (now 1280)
This ship is equipped with a Tachyon Detection Grid console. The console grants a passive bonus to Starship Sensor Array as well as allows the creation of a Tachyon Detection Grid that give a bonus to Starship Sensors and Cloak Detection to your ship and nearby ally ships. The grid can extend from allies to encompass other friendly ships.

Its just that nearby ally ships get a Tachyon Detection Field too, right?

The Bellerophon Class comes equipped with a Nadeon Detonator Module. This console modification allows you to alter a Photon Torpedo so it generates a Photonic Shockwave upon impact.

Where is the advantage of a Photonic Shockwave compared with a Photon Torpedo?
What happens, if I use a Quantum or Transphasic Torpedo?

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