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06-27-2012, 07:23 PM
same here poison - i seem to be missing some achievements. the only thing i can think is they added some lower level ones after we already had the higher achievement and it didn't complete the new ones retroactivly.

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06-28-2012, 05:49 AM
Wow, some of you guys have been real busy. But yeah I rambled on and on about it. Also I wanted to be clear that I am talking about "profiles" in general and not just here or on PWE. I have been active most on Facebook and people are trying to get me on Tagged and MyYearbook and others.

I have the Google plus but I don't even know much how it works other than another profile page. I have some profiles that make perfect sense, like genealogy and family related stuff. But some places are just too weird and sometimes pretty gross. I was searching up information on a medical condition I have and this page popped up in my search that just made me say, "Ewh!"... It was a dating site for people with the same medical problem I have.

I understand the need to have support groups like AA. But I would not attend AA looking for a date. :tongue: They have some strange ideas on what would make someone attractive to others.

Anyways I am not bashing PWE or this forum, if they don't link up the profiles. I have already fixed my view of the forum using the "Stylish" browser plugin. I made up 3 color schemes in total for the forum much easier on my old eyes. I am just amazed at how many profiles I must already have online. Not mention those user pages on wiki, person pages, and other forums.
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