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# 1 KDF Fleetbase Bugs
06-28-2012, 07:19 AM
Here is my feedback and bug report on the KDF base.

I like the KDF Fleetbase much more then the Fed version. Compared to the KDF the Fed base is a foxglove.
The KDF design is overwhelmingly good!
The exterior is ... :/ something you have to get use to but the interior is just breathtaking.
And i thinking about changing my entire mainchar activity completely to the KDF side, just because of the beauty of the fleetbase design!


KDF Fleetbase Map bugs:

Operation Map bugs:
- clipping on the wall @ loc: 102 -30 99
The char can walk partially into the wall. And turning the camera into the wall, enables it to see through it and see the space.

- Character fall of the map @ 45 -30 89 & -45 -30 87
you can drop through the floor by walking into the corner on this 2 positions.
(btw. what are the statues for? is there a kind of "the great hall" version for KDF fleetbase in the pipe ? ^^
or a shrine? ...and many more interesting things down there... sad, that i can not fall down deeper... )

- clipping on wall @ -103 -35 76
The char can walk into the wall (only the foot, by walking sidewards to the wall)
zooming out from the char and turning camera, enables it to see through the wall

-retrain is available from menu and it opens the respec window, but it shouldn't
(don't know if this is really a bug)
The Skill retrain Officer tells me that the Skill Retrain is not available, but the Respec menu is still available and selectable.. is there any difference in respec and Skill Retrain?
The retrain windows appears and the skills can be changed.

- Ambience sound stops suddenly on the middle of the turbolift @ -69 -30 328
When the camera is further then the ~half of the turbolift, then the SFX stops playing.
Walk into the middle of the turbolift and turn the camera 360? around. The Ambience SFX stops and starts on specific positions.

-no function of the turbo lift at @ -69 -30 328
Why is there no transition option for this nicely done turbolift?
IMO there should be at least the same options like on the turbo @ 39 -29 271

- The "transit Options" disappears when the character walks to close to the lift doors @ 39 -29 271
The options to go to other sections of the base disappears if the char comes in contact of the lift door.
I think the trigger zone should be moved ~0.5 meter closer to the door.

- In general, the base announcements are too calm and sounds like it comes out of a small hand held radio. o0
IMO, they need more hall/echo FX attached to it, to create the illusion of a great volume room, what in fact a base really IS.
The Voices are great! would be a waste of talent if those sentences decays into meaningless radio-like sounds.

btw. some Klingon lanugage announcements would highly raise the ambience on a KDF base!
"vay' loD leghpu' tlhej Tribble DIchDaq taH HoHta' SIbI'"

- No stars outside the base? (the restaurant on the end of the universe?)
I hope the black "window textures" in Operation are just a place holder. Mainhall @ 45 -17 34
Please tell us that the black tiles on the wall and ceiling in the Operation hall (~boff trainer) will be transparent and we will be able to see the the entire universe from there, with awesome bright sparkling stars!!!


Engineering Map Bugs:

-the turbolift door have no sound at all!

- Char can walk into the console @ -54 3002 16
Bugged points are: in the center and on the right end of this console

- Char can walk into the console @ 61 3000 260
left and right end of this small console on this location.
seems to be the same kind of console bug like the upper one

More bugged consoles:
83 3000 240
83 3000 190
83 3000 160
83 3000 110
61 3000 90

...same on the other side of the engineering main room:
-72 3000 261
-95 3000 240
-94 3000 190
-96 3000 159
-95 3000 110
-72 3000 88 (not from the front, but jump behind it and then walk into the console)

Same console bug on the Science Map, locations:
-31 1995 -194 (personnel officer room)
-9 1995 -191 (personnel officer room)

Same console bug on the Tactical Map, locations:
59 1000 39
85 1001 -104
119 1005 8
121 1005 37

Same console bug on the Operation Map, locations:
21 -19 18
32 -22 39
8 -19 39
-7 -19 39
-20 -19 18
-31 -22 39


Science Map Bugs:

-the turbolift door have no sound at all.

(the next bug could only be a issue for my hardware!? maybe it depends on the soundcard?)
-sound event range for the door open/close is to small on the room Medicalbay.
if you walk to the medbay (fully zoomed IN) you can not hear the door opening.
If you go backward (camera zoomed out, so the camera is closer to the door) and then go backwards into the medbay, you can hear the sound.
From inside the medbay you can always hear the door, if your char approach the door.
I think the event is also miss placed: its position is a little to far into the room, IMO.

Same Issue on the doors on those locations:

-Sci map: Personnel Officer room @ 18 2000 -116
no sound from outside

-Sci map: (decontamination room?) @ -14 2000 -81

-Eng map: the door on the main room entry: @ 19 3000 47


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