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06-29-2012, 07:58 PM
Most of this is woefully inaccurate, wasteful, or just generally wrong.
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06-29-2012, 08:25 PM
Originally Posted by drasketo View Post
Most of this is woefully inaccurate, wasteful, or just generally wrong.
Before denouncing the posts/strategies as worthless, I'd like wager that I used 'em to get the Team Commander title long before you had it. This guide is aimed at people doing the elite STFs for the first time, not practiced folks from elite STFs.

I'll admit that I've outgrown these strategies myself. On Cure Space Elite, we simply start at the right, blow everything up including the cube, then move to the middle, then left, killing raptors / negh'vars as needed. We usually finish with seven to nine minutes left on the optional; I don't however recommend this strategy for most players, as the Pandas are a bit of an outlier when it comes to DPS. For KA we usually have two on the right with one guy handling probes primarily / secondary DPS, while the other player, preferably an escort that can solo cubes, blows everything up; usual optional timer is five to seven minutes. Infected is as in the book.

To the IGE naysayers; I've gotten the optional with nearly four minutes left using the described strategy. This is far from a record, but hardly failing the objective. Clearing the central platform, without drawing other groups' aggro allows you to be sure to have to engage only one group at a time, with the entire team jumping to each platform to engage each group.

However, please remember before you slam this work that this is simply a repost of a thread originally written nearly four months ago, when strategies were a bit different.

@drasketo: I then invite you to write a better one, or write out detailed proposals for revisions / additions to this one.
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06-30-2012, 03:51 AM
Originally Posted by joenatl View Post
100% disagree. Its about timing and when the drones respawn. You want to take out the area farthest away from where you will be when you cleared objectives first so that when they respawn you are no where near them. If you take out center first then those drones respawn first and have full view of the whole room and can hit you anywhere. If you do center third they are in line after left then right respawning. Left should respawn as you are taking out #4 console at the latest. With taking center out first that means center would respawn as you are clearing 4, so you'd have to stop, clear them then go ahead.
I understand the logic of LRM fine, but I still don't think it's the best idea. If the Tac Drones are respawning whilst your still on consoles, then you're too slow doing the room, whichever method you're using. Although I will say that I usually find LRM slower, simply because you at best knock one of the six drones at the start into the plasma for an insta kill (left side, guy standing on the corner nearest the centre), vs. routinely knocking off three or four of the same six, plus as many again at the back, whilst going around after doing the centre.

I've been on plenty of successful runs where the team-leader's asked for LRM and it's worked. And I don't complain if the team-leader wants it done that way. But centre first, done properly, is a lot quicker and Tac Drones don't respawn until Rebecca is dead.

Also, on the subject of IGE's boss room: Splitting the team to 2 in the middle and 3 on consoles, which I'm seeing with most EliteSTF groups, (I appreciate that is not strictly part of LRMing the start though) really slows the process down as you then have two people sniping Tac Drones at the back into the back wall so they can't be knocked off the edge. And if the 3 get there and have to fight one or more Tac Drones, as is often the case, you frequently end up with someone DoTted, slowing down the console activation. Get DoTted with all 5 going around together, and there's still 3 people without a DoT to do the consoles.

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06-30-2012, 07:28 AM
You want me to rewrite it?

Fine, what the hell, its Saturday and Ive already taken care of everything I need to.
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So it turns out I had slightly more to do today, than I thought, oh well. Here it is.
I kept the format just for ISE, then got mostly lazy.

Stuff from Post 1:

Ground Weapon Selection: For these missions, it is very useful (though not required) to have one of the STF ground sets (MACO for Fed, KHG for KDF) when trying for the optional objectives. Time is very tight on these missions when trying for the optional objective, and the instant remodulation is invaluable when you consider how many times you will need to remodulate even at three seconds per remodulate. Apart from the sets, the most generally useful ground weapon is without a doubt the pulsewave rifle. Also both factions should carry with them a split-beam (for the main portion of IGE) and sniper/high density beam rifle (for one fight in CGE, the boss fight of IGE, and a variant approach for the boss fight of KAGE). The Synchronic Proton Distortion Prototype Assault Rifle (Anti-Devidian gun, IE, the Ghostbuster) should not be discounted either. Its secondary is exceedingly powerful and capable of dropping entire packs of borg at once if positioned properly for flanking damage. It will even chain the extra exploit damage to all targets in range if used on an exposed target.

Space Weapon Selection: As a general guideline on gear quality, the crafted mk 11 purple items or the mk 11 purple anti-borg weapons are a good starting point. Escorts should be running dual heavy cannons and quantum torpedoes, science vessels do well with dual beam banks and torpedoes or as pure torpedo boats, cruisers generally work well as beam boat unless you have an Excelsior/Assault Cruiser or Negh'var/Vor'cha cannon build. There are far more possible and reasonably effective space builds than would be convenient to discuss here, but by the time you're ready for elite STFs, you should have figured out what works for your character. One important thing to note is that Antiproton weapons, while red and very shiney are NOT the end all be all of damage type. In fact, they can be worse than other energy choices if you do not have appropriately high Targeting Systems and Energy Weapon Specialisation Skills.

Kit Selection: On the matter of kits, there are a few that stand out as being particularly useful for elite STF runs, which are discussed below:

Tactical: Fire Team is the most universally useful. Its plasma grenade in particular, it can, if used on the Defense Turrets in CGE, confuse the light plasma turrets and keep them from attacking the bomb planter. Squad leader is very beneficial for IGE with its in place bonuses from Overwatch and Rally Cry as well as the Smoke bomb.

Science: Analyst is marvelous for close range work in KAGE and CGE with Tachyon Harmonic and Sonic Pulse (both very good for keeping worker drone off transformers in Cure). Physicist is good for longer ranged work such as IGE (it can be more universally useful now with the geologist doff's changes to gravimetric shirt, the ground based gravity well). For general support, Medic works, as does the Borg Medical Analyzer (a discontinued, and therefore very rare and expensive item).

Engineering: Every engineer should carry with them at least Enemy Neutralisation, Fabrication Specialist, and Equipment Technician (for the IGE boss fight). Enemy Neutralisation should be used most of the time, swapping out to Fabrication to put down quantum mortars when they are useful (such as when guarding transformers or before Armek). Fabrication Specialist is also particularly useful for the pre-Ogan phase of IGE. Equipment technician is for the boss fight in IGE.

Ground Device Selection: The only things required are Immunosupport Nanite Injectors (which counter the borgs attempt to assimilate you, most of the time, and which contrary to popular belief can even happen at absolutely absurd ranges {IE, out past 30 meters}) and, a remodulator if you do not have the Integral Remodulators that come with the STF ground sets. After that, it depends on your set up. Engineers in MACO gear, for example, need hyposprays but not shield charges. Depending on their damage intake, KDF characters in Honour Guard might be able to get away without hyposprays but will likely need shield charges. If you have it, the Ophidian cane is excellent, either defensively or offensively.

On the Subject of Tribbles, if enough of your team was around for it, and you have the right make up, IDIC tribble synergy is ideal. Otherwise, the Triolic Tribble is cheap and provides damage resistance if you dont want to pay for the Borg one.

Injuries and Ship Damage - Your Enemy: One of the biggest problems that people have when entering Elite STF missions for the first time is the injury system. When you (or your ship) are killed / destroyed, there is a significant chance that you will receive an injury. Injuries come in three levels of severity: Minor, Major, and Critical. Minor injuries are generally things that have little effect on your combat capabilities, so many players ignore them. Do not fall into this trap. Major injuries result in penalties that are quite noticeable, and critical injuries involve things like -10% to all damage dealt; a couple of those will completely cripple your ability to fight effectively. And guess what results in higher chances of major and critical injuries? Unhealed minor ones. The more injuries you have, the higher the chance that you'll get a crippling one. Remember that teams rely on each member effectively contributing, and you can't do that with a crippled ship. So please be sure to keep a well-stocked bank full of components and regenerators. As a rule of thumb I keep 40 major & minor versions of each healing item, alongside a couple critical ones. Happily, I almost never have to use the critical ones because I keep even minor injuries at bay. Players that don't heal their injuries is the first sign that someone doesn't know what they're doing in Elite STF runs, don't be one of those people.

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Infected Space


Infected Space Briefing

Mission Outline:
  1. Initial Borg patrols are defeated.
  2. Optional Objective timer begins (All mission objectives must be completed in 15 minutes).
  3. Nanite generators (4 per transformer) are destroyed. Two spheres will warp in after the first two generators are destroyed, and the destruction of generators begins the process of nanite probes and spheres, which heal the transformer, warping in.
  4. Nanite transformer(s) is/are destroyed.
  5. Borg Tactical Cube warps in.
  6. Tactical Cube & Gate are destroyed to complete mission.
General Tactics & Suggestions:
  • Gravity Well, Eject Warp Plasma & Tractor Beam Repulsors are all quite effective at slowing down incoming nanite probes and spheres.
  • Its reccommended to kill the Gate prior to attacking the tactical cube as the Tac Cube does *not* immediately aggro on entering the system, leaving you free to pummel the gate into submission without any incoming damage at all. If someone does manage to aggro the cube (and really, they have to go out of their way to do this, IE, this is a troll you probably dont want to run with again) they, or someone else should kite it out a little bit and then evasive back to work on the gate. You can also just move to the other side of the gate (flying behind) and the gate should be dead before the tactical cube manages to blunder its way into range.
  • Specifically about fighting the gate. You dont have to take any damage whatsoever. Out past about 7.8 km 15 to 30 degrees off of the side of the gate is a dead zone where its attacks cannot hit you.
  • Due to nerfs to power siphon drones and energy siphon in general, its not longer possible for a single ship to keep the tactical cube totally docile. However, they still help. Even thought they tend not to have the brute force damage potential of an escort, science ships/carriers can still make this fight a lot easier.

Tactical Walkthrough & Optional Strategy:
  1. After clearing out the initial patrols, the timer will start. Head over to one of the gates and quickly destroy the Cube guarding the nanite transformer.
  2. The team should split up and bring each of the four nanite generators to 10% of max health, WITHOUT destroying any of the four generators feeding nanites into the transformer. On command of the team lead, destroy all four nanite generators simultaneously. IMMEDIATELY have all ships focus fire on the transformer, using all available DPS-boosting abilities. The goal is to destroy the transformer before the spheres that spawn can get into range to heal it.
  3. After the transformer is destroyed, all ships should clean out the Borg vessel that entered the system.
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 for the other transformer.
  5. After both transformers are destroyed, a Tactical Cube will warp in. Ignore it. Do not aggro it. Focus all fire on the gate while sitting in its dead zones.
  6. After the gate is destroyed, kill the Tactical Cube, and make sure to use every single trick up your sleeve, to complete the optional objective with time to spare.
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Infected Ground

Ill start this off with a quote from a firing range instructor I had in the Boy Scouts. "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast." I think some version of that was in a movie I saw a while ago, too. Infected Ground is not as difficult as people seem to think it is. In fact, people usually end up going unnecessarily out of their way to make it hard.

The basic premise is to not cross a series of trigger lines staggered throughout the map. When crossed, the borg start a 15 second assimilation process on the Starfleet Officers you are there to rescue (for the optional completion).

The trigger lines are detailed on the maps linked below. Most are accurate, a couple are way off but ultimately close enough, since you can do what you need to from behind them.

Link to the Mission Map

There are two ways to do this mission.

The first involves splitting into two teams and ramboing in like your life depends on it. Which it does, cause if you screw up or too many people die, or you just get plain unlucky and get hit with a flanking crit from an ornery heavy tactical drone, or some one lags, or any number of different things go wrong, you will fail the optional.

The second way, involves using your head and realising that you can kill everything from a distance, very, very quickly and then just sprint in, rescue and move on with your life. Slow is smooth, smooth IS fast.

For this STF, everyone should have a split beam, because the last thing you want to do is start knocking borg out of range with sniper shots or high density beam blasts. For the feds in Maco, sure, use your sniper secondary, just use your head while doing it. On getting to Ogan, however, its a good idea for Federation players to swap out their split for a pulse, since you can get in close to most of the rest of the enemies.

Furthermore, this is the best place for pets. IE, security escorts, monkeys, hortas, clones from the Shard of Possibilities, drones, whatever. All of them can cross the trigger lines WITHOUT triggering the assimilation process. And, with proper cooldown (and tactical initiative) management, you can have them up and absorbing extraneous damage and causing havoc on all the more difficult pulls.

Engineers should be using their Fabrication Specialist kits for this fight. Quantum Mortars and phaser/disruptor turrets for the obvious reasons, the medical generators all have places they can go out of line of sight for passive health regen and resistance, and the seeker drone to just fly in and cause trouble. Once you get to the Ogan fight though, it is best to swap to the Enemy neutralisation kit (it makes the fight go far faster). Once done with Ogan, swap back to Fabrication, stick down a mortar and then put the Enemy Neutralisation kit right back on before you get into combat. For Rebecca, use Equipment Technician as sticking down turrets/mortars or popping out drones only serves to aggro extra borg that you dont want to be fighting.

Tactical Officers should have either Fire Team or Squad Leader. If you have more than one tactical officer, one squad leader user is enough. If you only have one tactical, its pretty much a toss up. The Smoke bomb is incredibly useful for messing with the incoming borg and Overwatch and Rally Cry get maximum utility as your team stays close together for most of the STF.

Science Officers can get use out of most of their kits, the best three being Analyst, Physicist, or, lastly, Medic (Borg Medical Analyzer would probably beat out all three, if you have one). Analyst brings Tachyon harmonic, which you will have in range a lot of the time, Anesthizine Gas, again useful for messing with the borg, and Triage to help deal with incoming damage. Physicist is pure damage, especially with the new Geologist Doff's ground effect. And Medic for pure support (which while useful, wont really be necessary).

Apart from that, its just a matter of shooting the borg, drawing them in while eliminating them. Then, when all or most are dead or nearly so, running in and saving the silly, wimpy Starfleet officers who managed to get themselves caught.

Tips for the Lead-Up:

In the room with the first Elite tactical drone (the one just before Ogan's domain), you can aggro everything in the room but the Elite by sniping at the Tactical Drone in front of the holoprojector table. As long as you dont leave the ramp (IE, cross the trigger line) you can even get in range with a split beam rifle to shoot at him. This will bring the rest of the drones in the room to you, making rushing in to rescue easier as youll only have the Elite and the worker drones to deal with.

Same thing with the Elite in the Room immediately before Rebecca. You can snipe at it without crossing the trigger line so you dont have to worry about flanking hits while trying to get Worker Drones off the Rescuees.

Rebecca, aka 'Flying Borg Hussy'

The most difficult part of this fight on Elite is jumping from platform to platform. Because of the way the game calculates and determines character movement (the way they read packets [this was explained to me by the same person who coined 'Flying Borg Hussy']) sometimes you will just fall into the plasma. So, your goal is to make the jumping as easy and simple as possible.

The easiest and simplest way to go about doing that is to be intelligent in the way you kill the tactical drones in the room. The standard way to go about this (and there is a reason it is standard) is to stay right by the door and snipe or generally shoot the borg on the left platform and then the right, and only afterwords, move up the ramp and kill the borg in the center.

What you are doing is managing when they respawn.

After taking out the drones in the center, all fighting needs to stop. Do not, under any circumstances, aggro or kill the drones on the far side platforms, you actually want to leave them all alive as long as possible.

A team of three needs to go activate the transformers (start with the one immediately to the right of the door and start moving clockwise around the room). Once they are done with the second transformer, the other two team members should start clearing out the borg on the far side. They can either shoot them, or simply move over to the platfroms and just knock them off. Done properly, the team of three will simply move from transformer to transformer activating them in sequence.

Once all transformers are active, the Shield around the big shield generator in the center will go offline. Everyone needs to focus fire on it immediately to bring it down. Once destroyed the actual boss fight can begin.

To kill Rebecca, everyone needs to spread out. She has a chaining attack that will cut through you very quickly if you are too close together. This is why you want to kill the borg in the center and on the far wall as late as possible: to leave room for you to all spread out without having to deal with extra drones in the fight.

Snipers and high density beam rifles get you the most bang for your buck here as they do high *SINGLE* target damage. And the only target you want to be fighting is Rebecca.

Tips for Rebecca:

While pretty useful for the lead up, Tachyon Harmonic is probably the single worst thing you can use on Rebecca. If it shuts down her shields, when they respawn, they will do so at full health, which means you are basically healing the enemy. Needless to say, this is rather counterproductive. The Medic Kit would probably be the most useful here.

Tactical officers may even want to swap to the Operative kit for the fight. Lunge can knock borg off platforms, and the stealth module gives you extra burst damage. The plasma grenade is virtually useless for Rebecca, and if you are spread out, which you *have* to be, her damage is so low as to make Supressing Fire trivial.

Obviously, as mentioned, Engineers will want Equipment technician for this. A Fed engineer with Maco and this kit will probably never even have their shields go down on the Rebecca fight. But then, neither will most anyone else ... Its just a case of bombs and mines being pointless and turrets and drones ultimately detrimental (they aggro respawning borg very quickly, which will get you flanked and killed, also very quickly).
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Cure Ground

This is another very simple ground mission (in fact, all of em are).

The goal is to bring down a series of shields blocking your path to Armek, a big, annoying, mouthy, and very glitchy assimilated klingon whose day you are there to ruin.

When you first beam in, there is a practice session for precisely how you will be taking down the shields. Activating a series of transformers that bring a pretty green light from the starting transformers to one on the wall. When it gets to the wall, BOOM, and the shield goes down allowing you to progress.

Along the way, you have to gather samples from dead assimilated klingons and free captured klingon warriors. Also, you have to kill some borg.

The basic packs are simple, target them in priority Elite > Heavy > Tactical > whatever else. Remember to using flanking attacks, tachy harmonic, kiting borg into bombs, everything. Orions are pretty useful for seducing the harder targets (how they do that I neither know nor wish to).

When you get to the Turrets, however, it gets tricky. These are annoying, shielded little P'sITA there purely to waste your time. Getting them down requires some measure of teamwork, or a single very astute tactical officer with a fire team kit and an attitude.

At first they have a large, hemispherical shield around them. Damage them to roughly 40% health and the shield will drop, rotating cover shields will start spawning, and three light plasma turrets will show up to annoy you. This allows a player to run in between (or if a kitty, jump over) the cover shields and begin planting a bomb that, if they successfully get it off, will blow up the turret. The key to getting the bomb planted is to have the other players aggro and kill the light plasma turrets (they look exactly like the engineer phaser and disruptor turrets). Thus, you need a couple people to do this. If the turrets are not kept from attacking the player in the center, the damage they do will interrupt the bomb planting process, requiring them to start over and probably letting the turret heal enough that its big shield goes back up and you get to do the entire process again.

The other way, is to have a tactical officer chuck a plasma grenade at the turret late enough that it can last the entire time it takes to plant the bomb, but early enough that it doesnt get blocked by the spawning cover shields. This requires some careful timing, and, even if you have someone who can bring it off appropriately, you should still take out the light plasma turrets as soon as possible.

There are a total of 6 turrets in the map, 2 each in a pair of shield gauntlets, that must be destroyed in 15 minutes to satisfy the optional.

The shield gauntlets are where groups tend to fail. This requires some teamwork. They operate exactly like the first "puzzle" when you beam in. Activate the transformers in sequence to get the power to the shield and blow it up allowing you to progress.

There are two caveats however. First, activating the first and second transformer in each gauntlet activates a Borg defense turret that you need to allocate people to destroy. Second, every time a transformer finishes its activation process, worker drones spawn near all activated turrets and move in to shut them down. Thus, people need to be allocated to guard them.

Engineers and science officers work best for guarding transformers. If you run into one who says they need help, they probably need to uninstall the game, or go back to normal and practice a little more.

Each shield gauntlet run should look something like this:
  1. One person starts Trans #1's activation process; the others get into position to take out the first turret.
  2. Defense Turret #1 activates, all 5 people shoot it, bring it down to 40%. The bomb planter runs in to set up the bomb, the others aggro and kill the plasma turrets as fast as possible.
  3. Defense turret #1 blows up. The yellow beam shoots from Trans #1 to Trans #2, opening it for activation and spawning worker drones that will attack Trans #1. The Trans #1 guard (plus perhaps one other) starts guarding the first transformer. The others activate Trans #2.
  4. Trans #2 starts working and Defense Turret #2 turns on. Destroy it as before.
  5. As soon as the beam reaches Trans #3, activate that and the Trans #2 guard starts working to defend their real estate.
  6. One person runs to Trans #4 to wait for it to activate and one person stays at Trans #3 (and probably should be helping to kill any worker drones still alive at Trans #2).
  7. As soon as the beam reaches Trans #4, the person there activates it and runs to help kill the drones spawning near Trans #3.
  8. At this point you have a about 15-20 seconds before the beam gets to the final shield generator and blows it up, at which time you all move on.

After the second shield gauntlet, there is a pack of borg to kill, and a final turret to destroy after which, if you get it all done in 15 minutes, you get the optional. If youre getting down to the wire on time, its is virtually *never* a good idea to try and skip the drone pack and go straight for the turret as they will aggro and start flanking you with the turret.

From there, you kill a large group of drones guarding some shield generators that protect Armek. For this group, you need to hold back and snipe from range, there are simply too many to run on in. Engineers should swap to the Fabrication specialist kits for this fight as the quantum mortars are very useful here.

After they are all dead and the shield generators are destroyed, Armek can be fought, assuming you have gathered all the samples and freed all the klingons (4 of each).

Armek, aka 'Annoying, Glitchy, Assimilated Klingon'

This fight can take anywhere between 30 seconds or a couple minutes, depending on how much of a glitch fest it ends up being.

There are also a couple different ways of doing it.

The fastest, and dirtiest, is for everyone to get right on Armek's toes and pulsewave his face off. A couple people will likely die doing this, but thats not a big deal. This is probably the fastest way of doing it, and the easiest. And, by far the typical favourite.

The other way involves using some kind of tank who stays in melee range while the other players back up to the corners of the large rectangular shield that spawns around Armek and snipe a. This way requires a Science officer, either to be the tank themselves, or to stand closer, but nowhere near melee range, and heal whoever it is tanking (which anyone can do).

In either case, several things should happen. Any engineers should put on their fabrication specialist kits (which, they should have on already from dealing with the group at the shield generators) and place their mortars down outside the box shield. Secondly, ABSOLUTELY NO PETS of any kind inside the shield (this includes security escorts, drones, turrets, clones, anything at all). For the first method, they just get in the way, and in the second, they will likely get your tank killed as Armek has a melee range 'chain' attack similar to Rebecca's.

General Tips:

If they hang back a little before each shield gauntlet, engineers can swap out to their Fabrication Specialist kits, place down their quantum mortars and turrets, and then back to their Enemy Neutralisation kits. This makes guarding the first transformer entirely solo a cake-walk and frees up everyone else to work on other things and generally be nearer the shield which speeds the process up.

As mentioned, tactical officers can use plasma grenades to make dealing with the Light Plasma turrets that the Borg Defense Turrets spawn easier. As long as the plasma fire lasts on the Defense Turret, the Light Plasma turrets will not attack the bomb planter (or anyone else).
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Cure Space

This is probably the easiest Space mission, and certainly the fastest. A team of 5 high damage escorts will blow through in 5 to 6 minutes.

The goal is to destroy all 3 of the shipyard facilities while protecting the Kang from the craft they periodically spawn. Destroying all three while not letting the Kang drop below 75% hull hp within 15 minutes nets you the optional. Realistically, the Kang should never even be touched, and, as before you should finish the optional with 8+ minutes left on the timer.

To do this, you need one player to guard the Kang. Absolutely nothing beats an escort in this role. They have the fire power to mow through bops and raptors with ease and the speed and agility to get to every single spawn before they can reach the Kang. Simplest way is to have three purple Conn Officers in the active space slots improving the Evasive Maneuvers CD. Three will take it down to 15 seconds. After that, hyperimpulse engines and high engine power (IE, weapons set to 100, engines to 50) are all you need. Punch evasive maneuvers when near the right cube and you will burn all the way across the map. This escort's load out should be dual Cannon: Scatter Volley and Torpedo: Spread.
A good tactical captain can kill every single bop spawn and both raptor groups and have the Negh'var group nearly dead before anyone else gets there.

Everyone else focuses on assaulting the cubes.

There are several ways to go about doing it.

The easiest way, and with the highest dps requirement is to simply move right to left (or vice versa) destroying the nanites and then the cubes. (IE, RRMMLL: right nanites, right cube, middle nanites, middle cube, left nanites, left cube). Of course, everyone will always want to gang up on the negvar as soon as it spawns and then the raptor.

The middle of the road route is to follow a pattern similar to RMMRLL (or some other equivalent combo, MRRMLL, LMMLRR, or MLLMRR). The idea is to clear the nanites at two cubes, pop one cube, then the other without nanites, then everyone focuses on the last. With this, especially if the first cube popped is the middle, the assault group should be responsible for killing the raptor pack that spawns.

The last way is also responsible for most of the failures to complete this mission. It involves destroying all of the nanites at each cube, and then popping the cubes. Some people advocate trying to pop them all at once, but this is unrealistic and requires a very intimate knowledge of each persons dps. Espcially since its unlikely they will all go off, etc, then you have at the best case two groups of raptors and a pack of negs all headed to the kang. Maybe even some bops. The entire thing turns into a giant furball, and you will be lucky to even avoid failing the mission, let along getting the optional.

If you really feel you dont have the dps to deal with a final cube spawning negs, clear all the nanites at the cubes, and then pop one cube, deal with all the raptors, then pop the next. Deal with the negs, then destroy the final cube. Do not try and synchronize the cube deaths. While it can be done, youre more likely to all out fail the mission. And when you fail, you get an hour long timer on the mission and NO loot.

After the Kang is safely away, some random loot pinata called the "Assimilated Carrier" flies in. Its a joke, I have never seen anyone die to it. Point, shoot, it dies, loot drops, etc.
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Khitomer Accord Space

This is a relatively slow-paced mission with a lot of waiting or flying back and forth.

The objective is to prevent any ships from reaching the temporal gate in the center of the map. This is accomplished by bringing down each of the two transwarp gates that are off to either side. Each gate spawns probes periodically (and more as the transformers to either side (just like in Infected Space) are destroyed.

When you first warp in, there is a Tactical cube guarding the system, destroying it begins the optional countdown. This ship isnt quite as easy as the Assimilated Carrier, but it is close.

After the cube is destroyed, the shields on the gates go down and they start spawning probes. From there, the group is split up into Gate guards and attackers.

Attackers simply work on destroying the Gates exactly the way it is done in infected. Kill all the generators to make the transformer vulnerable. Kill both transformers to make the gate vulnerable. Then kill the gate. Destroying two of the generators on a transformer spawns a cube similar to the two spheres that warp in in Infected.

The Gate guards are concerned with killing the probes that come through the gates and try and get to the time portal. Believe it or not, it is perfectly possible for one single person to guard both gates. They should use the exact same set up as the Kang Guardian in Cure. Three purple Conn Officers improving Evasive Manuevers and hyperimpulse engines (a bonus, not even a necessity). A lot of people tend to treat someone doing this like a rock star until they try it themselves and realise that "Oh ... its easy .."

As for the actual correlation of forces:

1 Gate guard, 3 Attackers on Left, 1 attacker on Right:

This is my favourite, but it requires the solo person going right to be mildly insane. Their goal is to have both transformers destroyed or nearly so by the time the 3 on the Left make it over to the Right. A Torp boat carrier works very well for this, but so does an escort with slightly absurd DPS. Obviously, the three on the left blow up that gate as soon as humanly possible and then burn over to the right, kill the sphere group that spawns, and then the gate. With the right people, you will not see a second sphere group. This has the advantage of getting all 5 people attacking the same thing.

1 Gate guard, 4 attackers:

Again, a super fast escort to guard, this time, the 4 attackers leave the left gate at 10% or so before moving right. It becomes the gate guard's job to blow the left gate when the right is nearly done. Timed properly, a sphere group may not even spawn. (difficult to do without a voice program, so dont worry if it doesnt happen)

2 Gate Guards, 3 attackers:

Same as 1/4, just with two guards in the event no one can handle both gates.

I could go on, but they would jsut be variants of the above. Some group or person to guard the gate, and some way to destroy the gates.

Donatra, aka 'Glitchy Space Ninja'

This fight can be difficult or easy, depending on how screwy the system gets. Here, same with the Infected Tactical cube, energy drains or disabling attacks make everything simpler, however, they merely make her easier to kill, not more docile.

Save Evasive Maneuvers for every time she decloaks to fire the thalaron blast (which on Elite difficulty is almost certainly going to kill you. A very tough tank cruiser running a lot of resists could probably survive it, I think Ive done it a couple times myself, I honestly dont remember, but its not worth trying.)

The main tactic is to try and keep behind her, she has some very powerful fore facing weapons, mostly in the form of very damaging torpedo spread attacks that will drop a shield facing and take a hunk out of the hull of even a very tough tank cruiser.

Also, be careful with repulse abilities as you can kill people by pushing her and her
thalaron attack back into range of someone who just evasived to get out of it. They can sometimes be helpful, but its pretty rare, especially since people hardly ever plan their own safety around someone pushing her in a particular direction.


Occasionally, she will fire her thalaron pulse instantly, if it gets you, its not your fault.

Usually, its a good idea to save your cool downs till after she decloaks the first time (some teams can take her out before she cloaks even once, this has a large luck component to it though) as she will sit there, still charging up the gun. This give you a decent amount of time to pound her into oblivion.

Lastly, you can 'kite-tank' her by flying out of range (> 10 km). This usually extends the amount of time she stays uncloaked and can be useful if your team .. sucks.

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