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06-29-2012, 08:52 PM
I gotta say this is probably a more unstable build of the Fleet system then the previous one. It is really messed up on the Starbase and the release notes say there is a contact for the daily missions. There is none on the base.
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06-29-2012, 08:56 PM
Just so we're clear, the Starfleet Destroyer listed at Military Tier 4 is the Aquarius, yes?

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06-29-2012, 08:57 PM
Originally Posted by nagorak View Post
Need Access To More Backdrops

The added stuff for the Foundry is nice, but could you please add the ability to select some of the "interior" backdrops for Exterior maps?

At the very least if you could give us a space-style backdrop with a large amount of ambient lighting that would help a lot for making custom interiors.

Jupiter Template Issues

There seem to be some issues with the new Jupiter template, namely that it doesn't look like Jupiter at all. The texture of the planet might be fine, but there's such a glaring bloom that it looks nothing like what we see in pictures of the planet. The glare needs to be seriously cut down.
Here's a thread for feedback and bugs:

Note that the way the planet look will depend on the backdrop. The artist tells me that it's intended to work with the Mars backdrop.
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06-29-2012, 09:02 PM
Also, something is really messed up with contributing. Not sure if it's just projects that were going before the patch, or just in general, but it doesn't seem to be letting us contribute to them at all.

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06-29-2012, 09:14 PM
the bank in the fleetbase lobby that was next to the turbo lift is now infront of the the door to the left. and the glass ceiling in the lobby is gone
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06-29-2012, 09:20 PM
the chronoton fix is great, it might actually mean that tractor beam holds are lessened by high dampener specing. more brel hitpoints eh? couldn't hurt on those things
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06-29-2012, 09:23 PM
a"Klingon Incusion Defender" Accolade, LOL.

Also, The new Doff powers don't seem to have been added to bound Doffs

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06-29-2012, 09:51 PM
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Resolved several typos throughout the game.
  • The Caitian Stalker has returned to the Small Craft section of Ship Requisitions.
  • The Miranda Light Cruiser has been added to the ship store.
  • Resolved several issues that caused client crashes.
  • Most weapons are now displayed on your character when holstered.
    • This can be toggled on and off in the character status window.

Starbase Incursion:
  • Incursion is a new PvE Queue event that takes place on the lower levels of the players? starbases and is intended for 5 players.
  • To play, you will need to queue up for Starbase Incursion from the Volunteer button on the journal or by clicking the PvE Queue button near the mini-map.
  • This event is available any time, but if it?s played during the Fleet Event, you will receive bonus rewards.
  • The goal is to defeat all of the saboteurs before they can complete their mission.
    • The more you defeat, the more you will be rewarded.
  • To join a public queue, you must be a member of a fleet.
  • To play in a private queue, only the host needs to be in a fleet.

Duty Officers:
  • Warfare Specialists now correctly improve damage against the enemy type listed and stack correctly.
  • Updated the Hamlet Duty Officer assignments. You should now be able to repeat the version of the quest that rewards Shakespeare until you get him, after which you will get a different repeatable version.
  • Fixed descriptions of all Flight Deck Officer active roster powers to clarify that they affect all carrier pets, not just Fighters.
  • Added active roster powers for all existing Biologists, Botanists, Geologists, Research Lab Scientists and Counselors.

  • Adjusted Fleet Holding Project contribution amounts to reflect values more in line with where we expect them to be with Season 6 launch.
  • Added information about how to obtain Fleet Marks from Duty Officer missions.
  • Updated Starbase interiors:
    • All 5 ground daily missions are now available at random from the Officer of the Watch.
    • Officer of the Watch is now consistently named.
    • Daily mission now rewards 5 fleet marks.
    • Updated mission tracker to include the floor for each mission.
    • Weapons inventory and cargo dispatch missions now completable.
    • Interior personnel now have snazzy new outfits!
    • KDF starbases now have unlock consoles for mail, bank, fleet bank, and a Duty Officer contact.
    • Added the chef to both bases.
    • Updated Fed replicators to just provide standard replicator services, since the chef now handles the chef Duty Officer assignments.
    • KDF service providers are a little grumpier.
  • Teams no longer disband when entering the Starbase Blockade.
  • Set up separate Federation and KDF queues for the 20 player Starbase Fleet Defense.
  • The Ship Picker contact on starbase maps is now using the correct overhead icon.
  • Added the ability to warp to the starbase system map from the transporter.
  • The KDF player starbase respec contact now only offers skill retrain after it?s unlocked.
  • Added ambient audio to the Klingon Starbase Invaders map.
  • Added a reference to internal sensors in the opening dialogue of the Starbase Ground event.
  • Updated map image for fleet starbase maps to include icons denoting the location of starbase and supporting facilities.
  • Unlocks are now included on com array and industrial fabricator upgrades.
    • This offers access to an improved Medical treatment officer and Engineering repair officer.
      • These have ability to heal/repair increasingly severe injuries.
  • Added information to the Fleet UI to indicate that multiple projects must be completed to advance to the next tier.
  • Added a confirmation window when selecting a project to inform players that it?s not possible to cancel projects.

  • New maps created from the "+" menu now have an associated type.
  • It is no longer possible to paste objects into Unfinished maps.
    • This resolves a related client crash.
  • Dragging the first objective or group on a map onto the map itself in the UGC editor, no longer deletes the objective or group.
  • It is no longer possible to duplicate Unfinished maps.
  • Unfinished maps can no longer be deleted from the Maps tab.
    • They must be deleted via the Story tab, since there are objectives associated with them.
  • Moving a Complete All below a new objective no longer breaks the mission?s flow.
  • Invisible objects are no longer invisible in the editor.
  • We reverted the previous change that caused this.
  • Project maps no longer display as UNTRANSLATED in the object picker windows.
  • All costume editor options should display properly regardless of species selected.
  • The Stance names displayed in the costume editor have been corrected.
  • When opening the object picker from a place where something is already assigned, the map now scrolls to the correct object and that the object gets highlighted in the list.
  • The Fire Extinguisher FX should be functional again.
  • The doors to the ready rooms on the Prometheus and Olympic bridges are now open.
  • Closed some open faces on Foundry props.
  • Added new maps to use as templates:
    • Ground:
      • Bajor
      • Bortas Bridge
      • Coliseum
      • Earth Spacedock -- newer version
      • Cardassian Galor Bridge
      • Defiant Bridge 02
      • Defiant Ship Interior
      • Ferengi D?Kora Bridge
      • Drozana Station -- 23rd Century
      • Facility 4028
      • Hfihar
      • Jem'Hadar Bridge
      • Nopada Desert
      • Odyssey Bridge
      • Orith
      • TOS Bridge
      • TOS Ship Interior
    • Space:
      • Mercury
      • Venus
      • Mars
      • Jupiter
      • Saturn
      • Uranus
      • Neptune
      • Pluto
      • Sol System -- newer version
  • Added new backdrops:
    • Bajor Ground at Sunset
    • Bortas Bridge
    • Brea Ground
    • Earth Spacedock -- newer version
    • Hfihar Ground
    • Mars
    • Nopada Desert Day
    • Nopada Desert Night
    • Orith Ground
    • Sol System ? newer version
  • Official feedback and bugs thread:

  • Updated Second Wave so the Jem?Hadar fight back when attacked.
  • Updated the Defera Invasion:
    • Players are no longer able to get stuck behind the Probe's shield when the event turns off.
    • There are no longer medical drones that spawn inside the terrain.
    • Removed superfluous button from Regeneration Hubs in Power Play.
  • Aid the Planet star cluster missions now give 1000 diplomacy xp points as a reward.
  • Afterlife: Updated the image of Kahless seen after arriving at the shrine.
  • Cutting the Cord: Map railings updated to address a few issues.
  • Bringing Down the House: It?s no longer possible to defeat Tarsen before receiving the objective to do so.
  • Updated mission text for Seeds of Dissent and The New Link to list the correct location of the Goralis System.

  • Updated Chroniton torpedoes:
    • Inertial Dampers skill now correctly provides resistance to Turn Rate debuffs in space.
    • Chroniton Torpedo procs can now be resisted.
    • Inertial Dampers skill will reduce duration.
    • Powers that provide resistance or immunity will now function as intended against Chronitons.
    • Fixed some damage and proc duration inconsistencies among Torpedo Spread and Salvo with Chronitons
    • Resolved white box icon for Chroniton Procs.
  • Updated Galaxy Saucer Separation, Multi Vector Assault Mode, and Dkyr Support Craft launch so the pets match your pitch and roll when you separate.
    • The pets no longer always spawn horizontal.
  • Mines and targetable Torpedoes will now explode, deal damage and play their explosion FX more reliably.
  • Updated description on Stalker Fighter pets so it is clear they can only be launched from the Atrox.
  • Bridges officers no longer call out the wrong power name when casting Electro-Gravitic Field.
  • Increased HP of B'Rel Retrofit.
  • Increased Turn Rate of T3 and T4 Orion Flight Deck Cruiser.
  • Renamed Fleet Escorts to Patrol Escorts.
  • The shield damage proc for tetryon ground weapons now shows up in the combat log and as a damage floater.
  • Added scrolling combat text for shield damage.
  • Added icon for Klingon Honor Guard Adrenal Boost.
  • Updated Nanite Health Monitor:
    • Resolved an issue that allowed Nanite Health Monitor to stack with itself if the ability was used multiple times without being triggered.
    • Nanite Health Monitor will also now display a buff icon.
    • Nanite Health Monitor is now flagged as a science ability.
  • Perk powers for Klingon and Gorn updated to include new Antagonist groups (Rebels/Rivals)
  • Mugato Boss will now only attack players.
  • Added sound effects for Tyken?s Rift.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing medical generators, shield generators, and force field domes from scaling properly with your stats.
  • The tooltip for Abandon Ship has been updated to correctly state you must be at <25% crew to activate it.
    • This is a text change only.
  • Resolved an issue with Elite Disruptor Split Beam rifles using two different models for their different attacks.

  • It?s now possible to toggle the visibility of reticles for mines and small craft.
    • By default, the reticles will appear only when the ship or mine is selected.
    • This can be adjusted in the Options menu.
  • Added power descriptions to tooltips for powers.
  • Removed customization options for the first Bridge Officer received in Federation tutorial.Duty Officer portraits no longer display outside the posted item borders, overlapping onto the EC area.The Starbase FXP is now labeled as "Starbase FXP" instead of just "FXP".
  • The Starbase available projects are now sorted by category
  • Updated up the appearance of the available Starbase project list.
  • The Fleet window will now always open to the overview tab.
  • Selecting a Pre-set face or body option no longer sets costumes to the incorrect costume slot type.
  • Fleet XP in the side bar now shows aggregate XP.
  • Updated the appearance of the fleet tier progress bars.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause the Starbase name to display incorrectly when switching between characters in different guilds.
  • Eliminated the blank space that appeared at the end of some window tabs.
  • The rows in the Fleet Vault are no longer misaligned across columns.
  • The fleet roster has a scrollbar again.

Known Issues:
  • All stores are empty.
  • If you defeat a ground enemy then target a new one without letting up on the fire button, the shots continue to the defeated foe.
    • The new foe is still being damaged.
  • Warp-out animations are missing some audio.
  • KDF Fleet Alert Event: When fighting Rival Klingons, A Borg Cube spawns instead of a proper Rival Klingon Dreadnought.
  • The starbases have had some interior redecorating and the decorator placed some consoles in front of doorways.

thats all the typos's i could find
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06-29-2012, 10:22 PM
Well you guys can F up the rest of season 6 and I'd still be happy with the Foundry update pace I'm seeing so far. Well done. So much for my bedtime tonight.
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06-29-2012, 11:09 PM
Originally Posted by daveyny View Post

We can buy MIRANDA'S now

At Lt., who can afford the 8,000 dilithium?

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