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If someone has already proposed this idea then my bad. Anyway!

I'm always after new Uniforms, mixing and matching to create some nice Uniforms, there are some nice peices.

So!, I've thought that as there was a Ship Design Competition which wen't very well, I do like the look of the Odyssey! my idea is this a competition for uniform design.

I played Sims 2 "still do every now and then" but the reason I liked the Sims games so much is that the community of players actively create outfits and even create meshes for outfits and release there texture maps so that people can make their own outfits for the mesh.

I'm aware that such a thing is most probably possible, releasing the texture maps and letting the players design their uniforms accordingly, so that they feel some pride in "if" they win knowing that the design was done by them possibly touched up by the Cryptic Team. plus if thats possible, maybe even some sort of small programe linked into STO so that the players can link their texture to a model to see the progress.

Or the most viable option, get out your pen and paper!

I'm very much aware that CBS will most probably have to approve the design, so I know that this may fall on deaf ears :/


P.S. if a good ammount of the community take interest, this could be a good teaming as there are quite alot of artistic people who play the game, I myself have skinned outfits for my Sims

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It's been discussed a few times before, but I am quite sure Cryptic is not going to take a chance on another design contest...

The reason is simple: The uproar on the Oddyse failure was massive, and I doubt they want that again.
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