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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
It's a little late for that sentiment. What Cryptic fails to understand is by disinvesting in the KDF, they stand to loose potential support from the "majority" as people just move on when they tire of the kill 5 of this and scan this plant 500 million times.

STO economy: Is already in the mire.
DOFFing Thoroughly mindless, I can clean my keyboard and be more entertained.
Crafting ... pointless.
Foundry. Why even release something so flawed and incomplete.
STF. Same-ol-same-ol and then some.
Gated events: EPIC fail.
Starbases. A short term fix for a long term problem, one that is going to have game breaking consequences to PvP balance + players are going to become separated from each other.
other than pvp which only a small fraction use at the best of times and hardly anyone uses right now, what exactly does the current klingon faction have that affects the majority of players?

the new pvp, assuming nothing changes with gozer leaving does away with FvK and everyone joins the game in a free for all of mixed teams. there is no faction balance issues as anyone can be on any team. the new ships are only fractionally stronger and wont have that noticeable affect in the chaos of pvp.

the game seems to be going along quite nicely with tons of people in game despite your opinion and what the forums would have people believe. if people have not got tired of the game yet, or not all left during the many issues of the last couple of years when people cried doom before countless times, i dont think that a lack of brand new klingons ships for a few months or even a year is going to have it all come crashing down for the majority.

the majority simply wont care.

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