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This is a $10 bill.

I would love to give it to you, Cryptic. Do you want it, and possibly many many more from many many others? Then here's what you can do for me.

You see, since the inception of the "2409" look - that is, the sleek, curvy aesthetic and the white hull material that goes with it, made famous by such ships as the Venture and Odyssey - I have wanted it on more ships. And, you've delivered on that fairly well. A bunch of ships have gotten new looks based on this design. Yet, many are forgotten.

Cryptic, if you want to make $10 off me, please, produce a 2409 ship skin for the Prometheus.

And, you know what? I'll give you another $10 if you do one for the Luna. And another for the Fleet/Patrol Escort. That's $30 total, Cryptic. $30. You heard it here, I will fill the gas tank of a moderate to small sedan for you, and all I ask is a couple of ship skins.

I also might mail you beer. Wink.

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