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Originally Posted by Varrangian View Post
The problem is there are several episodes where the WHOLE crew is not on the bridge or even a part of the story. So someone (even if you limit this to members of the bridge crew) will be left out of the game play some of the time.
This is one area (among several including ship destruction and character death) where the lines will have to be blurred for playability's sake.

So this paragraph here is tantamount to saying - "They can do it, I don't know how, but they can". You've offered nothing.
All I'm saying is what we already know or can assume in this paragraph. Other than the bridge the rest of the ship is optional and how it's handled isn't nearly as important to a successful multiplayer ship design. Elements can be incorporated but needn't be.

The fun thing about being Worf is that you know when you press buttons X, Y and Z that you've done something. Because of Woft's years at Starfleet Academy and his years of on the job training he has a keen knowledge of what he does. Of course Worf lives in a fictional universe and when Micheal Dorn presses buttons X, Y and Z nothing really happens he's acting the script moves the story along not his actions.

Relaying scripted information (because it is a game and unfortunately games do not have infinite resources or interactions, even the best games have a limited number of interactions) is not game play. It isn't even really RPing.
We're going to be on away teams and haven't ever handled a phaser in real life either. It's a game, man, elements can be abstracted or tailored for functionality while still conveying the essential content to express the experience. I doubt any station will perfectly recreate the actual functions possible in the series but they should look the part and convey key information in a way people familiar with the series can relate to.

And now we have the key word (in red) SIM an MMORPG is not a sim and never the twain shall meet.
They have and they will. Pirates of the Burning Sea may not be a full tall ship simulator but they do take into account wind and inertia/momentum and reloading times and boarding actions and port blockades. SWG's space from JtL is a pretty nifty space sim, expecially the multiplayer ships, but there's no content in space so space withers except for PvP on some servers. Sadly, multiplayer ships aren't very good at PvP being gigantic targets full of crew who'd be better off manning a flight of snub fighters.

As time goes on, and games become more developed and better aimed at specific markets, simulation of a setting's key elements will be what determines whether that game gets an audience or not.

That said, all simulations aren't made the same. Some are unduly complex and could do with more abstraction. That's the art of it though. Knowing which details are essential and which just add noise and busywork and unnecessary complexity to a design.

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