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Now that I've released a number of new missions, I thought I would join my fellow authors in creating a consolidated list:

Mission Title: Raktajino in a Jar
Faction: Klingon
Level: any
Start: Ganalda System

Summary: You come across a Ferengi smuggler with a horde of ill-gotten latinum. Seems like good plunder, right? Wrong! See the seedier side of the galaxy. Experience the Ferengi legal system. Start a prison riot in... Raktajino in a Jar! Runner up in the Gates of Sto'vo'kor Ferengi contest

August 31 Foundry Spotlight!

Series: HoloHistory: The Great Warriors
[HoloHistory] Klach D'Kel Brakt
[HoloHistory] Caleb IV
[HoloHistory] Korma Pass
Faction: Klingon
Level: Any
Start: East door on Qo'nos Shipyards

Summary: A series of three "Holodeck Programs" designed to put you in the shoes of the three most famous Klingons in history: Kang, Kor and Koloth, and they win renown at the battles of Klach D'Kel Brackt, Caleb IV and the Korma Pass. You take on the role of each of the three Dahar Masters in this living history presentation.

Mission Title: Over There
Faction: Federation
Level: 31+
Start: S'arkee at Starfleet Academy

Summary: A routine visit to the Academy is interrupted when mysterious intruders make off with one of the Federation's darkest secrets. Make the dangerous trip Over There to retrieve it.

Series Title: Dissent
Dissent I: Walking in the Air
Dissent II: Rule the World
Dissent III: Hunter's Season
Dissent IV: Our Solemn Hour
Dissent V: Skyline's End
Faction: Federation
Level: 16+
Start: First mission begins in space at Sierra Starbase 39

Summary: Help a Starfleet Admiral and a Romulan Senator battle Romulan dissidents who threaten the entire quadrant. This is a sweeping series dealing with the instability in the Empire following Shinzon's rebellion, the destruction of Romulus and Sela's abduction. You will travel all around the quadrant and encounter unexpected allies and enemies along the way.
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