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07-02-2012, 10:54 AM
I like STF's very much. They keep me playing the game.

Why: they keep me busy, without feeling a chore. Yes, I give you that I only play a max number of 4 STFs per character, I have four characters, and only two of them are able to run elites.
STFs are alert, challenging in a good way, and provide room for socialization. Teamplay is a must, still I like to take some inexperienced fleet mates with me from time to time. Again, it is a matter of expectation. Doing this actually raises the stakes, and I am eager to find out, if we are able at all to achieve mission completion.

I like that I earn 1100 dilithium-run. I only run elite STFs. I find the ground ones a bit more challenging, and fun, but only by a bit.
I have accepted the fact that the tech drops are meant as bonus, and not a reward, fact that most people just do not get. This way, I am always happily surprised when I get a rare or prototype tech drop. Got three or four sets from a rough 250 STF runs on two characters, but even if I have not gotten, even elite STFs can be run with purple borg MKX gear, and these are obtainable through the many EDC one gets.

I can't wait to take my new Vo'Quv into STFs. (my new orion character is still 42) I even upgraded from silver to gold for the many extras it provides ... extra bank, inventory and boff slots. This way I could spend my hardly earned dilithium on other useful C store items like doff and character slots. Those 400 c points of the stipend are nice to have. I only wish, that STO was in a better shape when it came out, because I was turned down by the negative reviews. Now I can't have the veteran awards ... but well, one cannot have everything in life.

Good guide on STFs, and a much needed one.

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