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# 1 Nebula Class Refit - Opinions?
07-02-2012, 11:47 AM
I'm looking at getting myself the Nebula Class refit as I'm liking the look and feel of it. (I've tried it on Tribble) I don't think it feels as bulky as the oddy but it definitely doesn't turn like a defiant either.

But i wanna hear from fellow science players if they think the ship is worth the price? Or what their likes/dislikes about the ship are.
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# 2
07-02-2012, 12:07 PM
nebula is a sweet vessel... I would hesitate to buy it though, look at what's on tribble right now.

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# 3
07-02-2012, 12:11 PM
I use the NEBULA for both my SCI and ENG toons at Tier 3, liking it more then the Cruisers available at that level . You are talking of the Tier 5 Refit however

I am a big fan of the Universal Boff slot, like how the ship maneuvers, and have found the Detection Grid console very helpful.

She ain't pretty... but she is tough.
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# 4
07-02-2012, 12:13 PM
Originally Posted by rayezilla View Post
nebula is a sweet vessel... I would hesitate to buy it though, look at what's on tribble right now.


I will have a hard time choosing between this and the Nova
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07-02-2012, 02:17 PM
First off, I highly suggest you check out Cygone's wonderful build for the Nebula: http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/sh...one%27s+Nebula . You can tweak it however you like, as I run two torps and a DBB up front, and cycle vent theta, nadion injector, and RCS consoles in my extra engi console slot depending on the situation. Fantastic ship, and truly is a workhorse vessel.

As for the new ships on tribble, well, think about it this way: if you want to be a jack-of-all-trades, pick the nebula. You can deal nice dps, heal, and tank just about anything in the game atm with the current refit from the store. The Fleet Refit looks to continue that trend with a +.13 to shield modifier, which I think will allow it to challenge cruisers in the tanking role. Plus, that extra console slot allows for photonic shockwave torps AND vent theta consoles while still allowing an RCS, so I think the Fleet Refit will only make the beloved Nebula even better.

On the other hand, the Nova looks to be what the MVAE is trying to be: a science-based escort. True, its shield and hull aren't spectacular, and the Fleet Recon Refit might be better overall for survivability (especially since they forgot to update that 10th console for the Fleet Nova), but a Comm Science and Lt.Comm Tact means you can pack a whallop in that mobile (14 turn!!!) sucker. And compared to the new escorts, it has a shield modifier on par with a cruiser, so you can at least shield tank better while offering a more offensive role to your fleet.

So ignoring the relative tribble stats for a bit (they are open to changes, after all), here's my overall rundown of the Nebula...

1.) Universal Lieutenant Station. Pretty much an oddysey-light, though I would declare the Nebula better overall than that ugly cruiser.
2.) High Engineering and Science stations mean equal ability to be offensive, healing, or simply everything-minded. Swapping out officers on the fly are crucial to this ship; swap Aceton I out for Aux to Structural, and suddenly you've gone from debuffer to healer.
3.) Target Subsystems innate. Sure, it's unique to all science-ish ships (oddy sci gets it, too), but its just another great perk for a workhorse vessel that needs to be able to fit any situation with some efficacy. Slap at least one beam bank for any build, and you'll increase your helpfulness to the group/fleet a lot.
4.) Hull + Shields = WIN. Seriously, more hull than any escort or science vessel, with better shields than any cruiser. I'd call that a freakin' WIN. Plus, while the Fleet Heavy Cruiser has by 5k more hull on tribble, it has a .9-ish shield modifier to the Neby's 1.43. I'll take the shield modifier for 500, Alex!

1.) Two skins, although the exploration cruiser (the two were canonically entwined, as the Nebula was cheaper to produce and gave Starfleet a more modular experience) gets six skins--including the Dreadnought. Still, I love my space-manatee to death, so this is really just aesthetics of choice.
2.) Won't excel at any one task. Well, maybe destroying structures if you run a torp-heavy build. But, I kinda like being the off-tank when things go slightly sour even in a fleet STF. Need some extra DPS over yonder? Be right there! Need crowd control since Billy forgot he was supposed to kill those probes? Already done! Need me to sit back and toss out a few heals and words of encouragement while I tank this tact cube LIKE A BAWS? Hells yeah, on it! You know what, screw it...

THIS SHIP HAS NO CONS! Buy it, learn to fly it, and realize that even though that pesky escort is trying his hardest to kill you, or that carrier to swat you away with his minions, that you simply won't die. If you die with this ship twice in any Elite STF, you need to relook your build and skillset. Flown correctly, this puppy will survive universal heat death, then laugh while making s'mores.

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