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I haven't been able to recopy my character on tribble for a week now. The account link thing shouldn't be a problem cause i made a perfect world account when i had started playing. I would just delete my tribble character, but i have a dreadnought on that character that i was rewarded with due to an account mishap with not being able to get my cp on tribble because i had a pwe account. i dont want to lose the dreadnought and i have an open space to copy a character to tribble.

before this happened i was able to recopy my character and had 2 characters, an older version, and the newer version with some updated weapons/gear/consoles/etc. Once again my characters stats, gear, consoles, weapons, etc. have been updated since and I want to get her over to tribble. ive been saving up tons of dilithium and have well over 500K now, and i wanna use it to buy things form teh dilithium store on tribble to test out different builds for my ships an too do that, i need to be able to not have any problems recoping my character.

so far ive only copied my character 3 times. 1st time was when i had signedup for tribble, second time to update her stats, 3rd time was like the 4th day of the starbase release to tribble, since then i havent been able to recopy

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