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So, yeah, what am I doing wrong here? I go to log into STO using my Cryptic name and password I've had and used since launch and error... Error... Error. I retrieve said name and password and... Yeah, they are exactly what I am typing in already. The name and password work for the PWE log in though. However, to the best of my knowledge I have never made a PWE account.

Ok, whatever, so I log in using the PWE button and... it wants me to now link my Cryptic account with my magically created PWE account. Ok, fine, it says something like "We see your blahblah@blah.com address is in use by a cryptic account, would you like to link them?" Great! Type in Cryptic name and password and... Error. Error...

So, what am I doing wrong here? How can I link my accounts or get into STO or whatever to get beyond this nightmare of a log in account linking?

Also, the magically created PWE account obviously has no games on it, subscription status inactive and 0 subscribed days.

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