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# 1 A'Lenn the Poet
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A'Lenn the Poet Part 1

After many months of unrest, the Klingon planet of Hoplon has fallen into a state of rebellion. In an act of desparation, the planetary magistrate has begun using orbital weapons against his own people. You must help prevent the slaughter of innocent civilians at the hands of a desparate dictator.

A'Lenn the Poet Part 2

During a negotiation with the Hoplon Revolutionary Government, you are called away to investigate a mysterious distress signal. The journey will reveal a plot that will put the entire Alpha Quadrant in jeopardy.

A'Lenn the Poet Part 3

<In Progress>


- A'Lenn the Poet Part 1: The Opening Scene was adjusted in order to make it faster paced and more exciting.
- A'Lenn the Poet Part 2: Some minor text adjustments were made. A portal graphic was added to the Transwarp Gate. Occasionally, the pirate ship and the cube in the last battle will explode due to nearby exploding ships. This had previously been solved using replacements that would pop up as needed. Another set of replacements has been added to appear when it is time to ram the pirate ship.

- A'Lenn the Poet Part 1: Final Battle was rebalanced slightly in favor of the Federation.

- A'Lenn the Poet Part 1: Minor Text Adjustments.
- A'Lenn the Poet Part 2: Some text was moved from the final battle and into the bridge level so that the final battle wouldn't be interrupted as much. Hopefully, this will make the final battle more exciting. In addition, some enemy ships were changed to create more variety. Some new text was created and some spelling errors were corrected.

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