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# 71 An idea & wish
07-03-2012, 07:29 AM
Ok, Morn finally made it to the game.

Now it's time to see the arrival of a certain old grumpy Ferengi.

I am totaly fine with a hologram version. And you know what would be perfect? If he sits in this new awesome boat, rowing his way through the grand river!

It could be a new minigame / event: If you see him somewhere in sector space, first you have to catch him, then you will have to defeat him in a dialog-duell (should be hard, almost like a No Win Scenario). As a reward you can choose between Dilithium, Lobi or Latinum. How entertaining would that be?
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07-03-2012, 12:41 PM
Originally Posted by mikeward1701 View Post
Thanks for the clarification, I was not aware of that. Do you know which issue/edition it's in?

It would be interesting to read, but I've found getting hold of individual issues of magazines, especially ones not published in my country to be difficult and costly.

Though it seems odd that such a major loose end for STO and Trek was released in a magazine and not as a standalone work.
It was #40, based on my internet research... and I agree, the story should be published in other places as well. I knew there was an STO story, from the announcement, but I had no idea it cleared up the fate of the Enterprise E...

Originally Posted by thlaylierah View Post
Or you could make them all invisible to represent their non existence after JJ's last movie.
Huh? The Abrams movie happened in an alternate timeline, so everything still exists...
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