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07-03-2012, 07:56 PM
It was Elite Infected Ground. I came in near what seemed like the beginning of the STF. Some of the team had already gone forward and were engaging the Borg. I ran over and by the time I'd gotten there-this was the first group, mind you, so it didn't take that long to get there-most of the team had died and were either waiting to respawn or be healed. I fought with the people who were left and we got killed.

When I respawned, I found myself to be doing this STF with only one teammate. The others had quit. Maybe they were playing longer than I thought? Not one to give up, we went for it, hoping to make some headway and thinking people would pop in. No dice. After a few deaths, I was playing alone. Rushing in and out and picking up injuries like...a lone Vice Admiral on an Elite STF...and trying to do some damage. I had long since run out of regenerators by the time "reinforcements" came in.

After playing for a good 10-15 minutes, I started getting yelled at for having so many injuries by the new guys. "I hate when people don't come prepared" "Have you ever played this before?" I thought it kinda bs. You ever try to clear out a room as a Sci Captain on an Elite STF by yourself and NOT get injured? Nah. Unlikely.

We finished with them witching and moaning about it the entire time.

I don't know if that's the worse than the first 30 seconds I'd played Elite Cure Ground in which we spawned, a guy asked if anyone had not ever played it before, to which I replied that I hadn't on elite and another person replied the same. This caused the other 3 of the players to leave with a "There are too many noobs in here." Of course that fixes the problem of inexperience. We knew two of us wouldn't beat the final boss and would be hard pressed to even get halfway there in the first place. Had to leave and take the long time penalty :/.

Ironically, I played it again with a group of 3 inexperienced players and pulled it off later on. Beyond annoying experiences though
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07-04-2012, 05:04 AM
sto is full of people ready to hate for any reason and those with no life calling everyone a noob and using that as an excuse to quit. i would rather play with a friendly new player that stays in game rather than some veteran jerk calling everyone "noob" and quitting.
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07-04-2012, 10:20 AM
I'm in GMT+2. I already understood the best moment to play nice STF is at the morning (around 6 or 7o'clock at the morning) or late at night. Kids and as*****e don't play at this time. I ran all of my worst STF at the evening between 8 and 10 o'clock.
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07-04-2012, 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by dapperdrake View Post
I'm in GMT+2. I already understood the best moment to play nice STF is at the morning (around 6 or 7o'clock at the morning) or late at night. Kids and as*****e don't play at this time. I ran all of my worst STF at the evening between 8 and 10 o'clock.
Totally agree with you. You can add noobs (the kind that dont open chat and rant about what everyone else is doing wrong when they dont know what theyre doing) to the list of people that dont play in mornings or evenings.
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07-04-2012, 12:14 PM
Think I've just hit mine. Gotten to the end of Infected Elite, down to the last Tac cube, and my entire team - after making a complete ballsup of the generators and bringing the entire Collective over for a visit - have bailed. We'd managed to get the cube down to 2% health then the last of our team died, and with that bloody stupid lag time in effect nobody could respawn in time to prevent the thing healing itself right back up to 100%.

So everyone gave up one by one, and now it's just me left, one Tac cube away from victory. Cos yes, I'm still in there. And I'm bloody annoyed...
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07-04-2012, 02:06 PM
I love the guys who sit around in Cure Space and don't do anything the whole mach and then try and ninja the optional, and if the optional is failed, call all of us newbs and then bail.

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07-04-2012, 03:32 PM
this one time me and 4 of my buddies were all in shuttles/fighters and some random dude in an oddy was teamed with us. it was infected space i think, after about 20 minutes the dude had the the nerve to warp out on us....

we werent able to complete the mission
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Originally Posted by alastorforthrigh View Post
I love the guys who sit around in Cure Space and don't do anything the whole mach and then try and ninja the optional, and if the optional is failed, call all of us newbs and then bail.
had one interesting Cure space normal on this thought.

game starts like normal, everyone waits for the others to make their moves. everyone moves first, forward. hokay, I go right, as usual then. one other guy followed me. out of the three one carrier was camping (that might be forgiveable), and another cruiser was camping too, but BEHIND the carrier, and one guy was flying around. I wrote in the chat after 2 mins if they thought this through, the "one guy" lol'd and came to help. now everything seemed fine, until the first cube was down (we had good dps, so it was still in time). I go immediately to the other cube, since two is more then enough to defend even against the raptors. now the rest didnt think that, so I had to destroy 5 probes til I saw another friendly, and when we killed the rest the third guy showed up for the cube.
and with the last the rest was on the third cube with me (after I destroyed 3 nanites, since the one raptor that was left and the two neghvars were quite a challange), and we finished happily.

the funny thing is, we even got the optional. I honestly do not know how we managed that (maybe I was not the onlyone who had a ship equipped for elite, I dunno), since we averaged 2 ppl at the cubes still I had a good laugh, which was not spoiled by a bitter ending
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07-04-2012, 05:23 PM
I've actually had a string of pretty bad ones lately.
Luckily, I've been running with my regular wingman, so we've been able to successfully salvage most of them.

Here's a little of what I've seen...

- ISE: There's always at least one person who doesn't know what the 10% rule is.
And after messing up the first one, and gets it explained to them... will mess it up again.
Also, apparently people think it's a good idea to split the teams firepower between the gate and Tac cube. Because focusing one down quickly makes too much sense. (/sarcasm)

- CSE: Nobody wants to hold their post. I've seen so many people do BoP duty on left or center, then just stop, leaving their post wide open.
In my Vo'Quv, I'm always on BoP duty. But it seems like I always get left to do BoP/Raptor duty for all 3 cubes, while everyone else goes all "Ooh, SHINY!". (yes, not even the BoP/Raptors from the cube EVERYONE is working on).
Also, if you're firing on the probes of a cube... yes, you are expected to take out that cube's spawns.

- KASE: Nobody wants to do Probe Duty.
For instance, 4 people on the left, and 2 probes slip through.
Now, I admit I was on the left. I was on my spec'd tank, and was holding down aggro on the cube at the time. Maybe I should have tried to handle that too, but call me crazy for expecting one of the other 3 guys to handle it.
Also, for those who spawn a cube, and get spanked by it... please, don't spawn it if you can't tank it or kill it.
While I CAN pull it off of you, hold aggro on the other cube AND take hits from the gate (while healing your busted hull), it's not efficient. You're just making everyone's life harder. Including yours.

- People in skittle-boats invariably end up being the worst people on the team. Not just not knowing what to do, but have an uncanny knack for doing the completely wrong thing at the wrong time.

- Even though Escorts, Sci ships and Cruisers play to a certain career's strength, apparently very few people want to maximize their effectiveness.
If I decide to put my Eng in a BoP, it'll be restricted to solo play. We all want to be special little snowflakes, and I'm all for that. I'll just do it when it doesn't affect anyone else.

- Almost forgot...
Carriers. Please keep those pets on a leash. Thx!

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"Oh, I may be captain by rank... but I never wanted to be anything else but an engineer." ~Montgomery Scott~
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Just had an interesting Cure Space Elite, where some guy demanded that all five team members focus on the right cube only. At some point he blew it up prematurely and after some quite stupid discussion he claimed that he did it intentionally because not everybody was following his orders.

Not the worst STF, but quite funny. Perhaps he mixed it up with Infected.

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