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Dear Cryptic,

The Ausmonauts have been testing Season 6 on Tribble and couldn't help but notice that in the Starbase Defence Fleet Action, the Starbase is an entity with hull/shield and (with upgrades) weapon mountings. This led to one of our members proposing the idea of someone 'commanding' the Starbase.

We were thinking that if one of the participants in the SDFA were to directly control the Starbases weapons and abilities, it would put a whole new twist on missions involving the Fleet Starbase.

We also considered being able to equip the starbase with equipment such as Consoles, Weapons, Shields, Deflectors etc. This would give the Starbase a more central role in the SDFA, instead of it being a floating bullet-magnet.
The equipment that the Starbase would use could either be Ship-borne equipment that could be combined with another item to create an exact copy of the original piece of equipment, but can only be used by the Starbase. Or have a whole new set of Starbase only equipment

We also discussed having Bridge Officer Stations just like on a normal ship. Also, we thought about the Starbase having access to the Captain abilities. These would depend on the Tiers of the 3 paths that a Starbase can be upgraded on: Military, Engineering and Science. Although, it wouldn't make much sense for a Starbase to have Attack Pattern Alpha now would it?

It was also discussed as to who would command the Starbase. Many ideas were brought forward but the 2 that we thought would work the best were: Having an extra Fleet Rank Permission that would allow those with it to command the Starbase, rather than their own ship during the mission, or having the highest ranking fleet member take command of the Starbase. Generally though, it was thought that the 1st option would be easier to do, and would work better as normally the high ranking fleet members know their specific role in the mission and would rather let someone else take control. And really, can you imagine an Escort Pilot managing a Starbase?

It might take a bit of programming but we (The Ausmonauts) believe that it is possible and could also open up quite a few possibilities to expand on the present Fleet Actions live on Tribble involving the Starbase (particularly if the one controlling the starbase brought their pre-existing and/or a special department ability).

We hereby formally submit this request that you look into the feasibility of Players being able to command the Fleet Starbase as if it were an immobile Starship in missions involving the Fleet Starbase. And, should it be feasible, we also request that it be implemented into the game proper.

With thanks and best wishes,
The Ausmonauts.
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07-03-2012, 08:22 PM
In addition,

The hierarchy within the fleet could also be mirrored to the Space Station with respect to having abilities and responsibilities. Offices could also be allocated. (I need my office).

Items could be placed on to the space station by depositing them, similar to depositing items in to the Fleet Bank. Shields, turrets, consoles. etc. etc. etc.


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07-03-2012, 08:40 PM
I like these ideas.
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07-03-2012, 11:23 PM
I would like to voice my support for these ideas and would like to optimistically add the "approved" stamp...

awww - can't insert images...well, just follow the link, even though it's not quite as effective.
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07-04-2012, 12:38 AM
yes i like this idea base could have built in bridge officer abilities like csv 3 or crf 3 or beam set up of bo3 or faw3 and torp powers and at different tiers base get special attack at tier 2 base could deploy tractor beam mines at tier 3uprated version of thunderchilds point befense phaser with increased damage and range out to 10k at tier 4 uprated version orf armitage point defense system but with quantums or transphasic torp. and at tier 5 a thaleron pulse like donatras or a doomsday machine antiproton blast each special attack would be on 4 minute cooldown. i would say put in a defense fighter squadron or platform launcher but as is this will be making alot of moving projectiles and dont want to crash map.
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07-04-2012, 09:33 PM
I approve of this idea

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