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# 1 Cruiser advice for elite stfs
07-05-2012, 04:18 AM
Well first i want to give my background been running Norm and leet stf on a Mvae and def-r for past couple months and really tired of the escort while fun its same role for me with that and how quick it is to lvl i made new engineer and now VA i am trying to figure out what cruiser id like to with i have everyone from C-store minus the new monstrosity that is Oddy. Not sure what role I want to fill as tank or support(healer for kang ). Now with that out of the way i am huge canon trek i am really leaning towards sovy and gal-r ...but i have looking over the forums and its seems Gal-r is frowned upon at this point in the sto gameplay . But i will accept all advice on other ships i can move past my Picardism for Gal-r and help my team the best in stfs. So please give me serious advice on what ship will perform the best in leet stfs.

thank you fellow Captains.

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