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I've been switching between set layouts for quite some time now (for PvP), and I was wondering if my current setup was the best for me (as for defense/shields, not damage).

Aegis Deflector
Aegis Engine (2 part - 10% defense, is defense a good investment?)
MACO Shield (15% resistance!)

Engineering - 4x Neutronium Alloy (40.1% resistance!)

Science - Work Bees, Borg Console, Field Generator (http://www.stowiki.org/Field_Generator - these stack now?! And as Tier 12 Very Rare! Is this true, should I stack, and where can I get these new tier very rares?), and Shield Emitter Amplifier

Tactical - 2x Phaser Relay

I've heard people say to get 3 of the borg with the MACO shield, I have the entire Borg set (used to be better, until it got nerfed), but I'm not sure. Thanks you. I'm looking forward to your responses.

Also, I would appreciate more advice on sets rather than consoles.

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If you don't care about DPS at all, you might consider kicking the Borg Console into one of the tac slots (or remove it outright) and sticking the field generator in the freed up science slot. I'm not sure if there's diminishing return (I think there is from very unscientific experiments I've run), but you still get a major boost for the second console.

As per the Mk XII Very Rares, chances are you can get them off of the Exchange for something like 50M EC's (maybe more). So unless you're rich, I wouldn't worry about those too much.
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07-05-2012, 05:56 AM
Hmm... I think that I do care about DPS enough that I want to keep those Phaser Relays. Surprisingly, I usually do the 2nd best in terms of damage in PvP. But, maybe I'll switch out my Shield Emitter with the generator. Thanks. But, I think I need more advice on the lines of which set(s) I should use.

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