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I have currently both the Jem'Hadar and Assimilated Borg sets and I want to try to mix 2 of each to get at least their 2 piece synergy buffs. I'm running all polarons. Do you think the best combo would be Borg Console and Shield + Jem'Hadar Engine and Deflector?
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07-04-2012, 08:36 AM
It's a tough one to call. If you're specced into, and use emergency to shields back to back, then you'll probably get better mileage from the Borg shield as although it's got a pretty poor capacity, it's regeneration rate is very good and your shield power level boosts this.

It's easy to over-estimate the damage boost from Dominion Synergy however, I think it applies to your base damage (I'll have to check, Cryptic's application of bonus from consoles and sets isn't entirely consistant), not your overall damage prior to that particular bonus, but it works out relatively small either way. You'd get the same from upgrading to purple or a higher mark of consoles or weapons etc.

Personally, I'd ditch the Jem'Hadar set altogether though, and go with Borg Deflector, Engine and Console, then use a good Covariant or Resilient shield with it. Good shields of most varieties with [cap]x2 or 3 are easy enough to come by as they drop often in STF and end up on the exchange for relatively little. You don't have to worry about the [Reg] modifier as much because the three piece Borg set bonus has the shield regeneration proc when they drop below a certain point, and it's reasonably reliable, also your shields ought to creep back up baring heavy fire coming at you if you're using two copies of EPTS anyhow, which you can easily do on a Bug ship.

On escorts, my personal preference is to have either two piece Borg/two piece Omega, or three piece Borg and the best shield I can get, weather it's MACO, Honour Guard, Reman, Paratrinic or something regular but with good modifiers. But until/unless you run STFs, the above suggestion of 3 piece Borg/good shield is your best bet.
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Originally Posted by swfedhim View Post
I have currently both the Jem'Hadar and Assimilated Borg sets and I want to try to mix 2 of each to get at least their 2 piece synergy buffs. I'm running all polarons. Do you think the best combo would be Borg Console and Shield + Jem'Hadar Engine and Deflector?
Not going to consider other sets, you said you want 2-piece Jem'Hadar and 2-piece Borg, we'll just see which are best:

1. Deflector:
A. Jem'Hadar Deflector:
- +1% Stealth Detection -> only relevant in PvP, and even there not really important.
- Flow Capacitors+24 -> great for Tachyon Beam or Energy Siphon, neither of which you're likely to slot on an Escort, great for the Tetryon Glider which you're obviously not using. So, pointless.
- Inertial Dampeners+24 -> either you have Immunity to Tractor Beams (APO, PH) or you're getting stopped, Inertial Dampeners make little difference. Pointless.
- Graviton Generators+24 -> your Defiant-R isn't using the abilities relying on this. Pointless.
- Countermeasure Systems+24 -> see above.

B. Borg Deflector:
- Aux+5 -> not crucial, but still, better Heals are better Heals.
- Structural Integrity+23 -> More Hull on a Glass Cannon is always appreciable.
- ID+15 -> see Jem.
- Graviton+15 -> see Jem.
- Power Insulator+23 -> only relevant in PvP, where it is pretty nice.

Clear winner: Borg. The Jem'Hadar Deflector is for SVs, not Escorts; on an Escort, the only thing you actually gain is that it counts for the set bonus, that's it.

2. Engines:
A. Speed: assuming you run decent Engines power, the Borg engines will be slightly faster. But unless your Engines are through the roof, the difference is quite low.
B. Turn rate: Jem'Hadar wins, always.
C. Other bonuses: Bit of a wash: the Full Impulse bonus is meh, but the Weapon Power+2.5 of the Jem Engines is likely to be overkill/unused.
D. Sector bonuses: The Borg Engines are the fastest in Sector Space, but that's irrelevant for the choice of the Engines you use in System Space; you can swap.

Winner: depends.

3. Shields:
A. in STFs: Borg>Jem.
B. Out of STFs: Jem>Borg.

The Borg Shields are the worst of all the sets, and quite frankly worse than many of the Exchange Shields... but in STFs they do offer some Plasma reduction, making them quite a bit better.
The Jem Shields just aren't very good.

So, to get 2 pieces of each, I'd use:
- Borg Console (obvious).
- Jem Engines.
- Borg Deflector/Jem Shields out of STFs.
- Borg Shields/Jem Deflector in STFs. Because really, the 15% Plasma Reduction trumps the SIF+23 and slightly better Heals.

That's the reason the Jem'Hadar set in uncommon, really: sure, there's the damage bonus, but is it worth using such a poor defensive set for it? And does the damage bonus outperform the crit bonus of Antiprotons or the -resistance bonus of Disruptors?
I'd answer no to both questions, but I'll admit I haven't done the full maths.
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07-05-2012, 07:23 AM
wow these are all good points. my escort is currently outfitted with all purple mk XI polarons hence the reason why i chose jem'hadar pieces. However I guess it would make more sense to try to outfit using AP energy and use other sets.

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