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The new trend of things to do on the ground without my crew is annoying to me. You give us crews, let us gear them, and then the new content doesn't let us use them. Most of what I do on the new tholian map could be done with my boffs instead of seeing tons of people running back and forth. I like space fleet actions and space stfs, but I don't understand why my crew keeps being excluded from ground things and replaced by other captains.

I've said it before, give me something to do with my crew AND other captains on the ground. Stop making me leave them behind.

This could have been done like that Undine mission where you rescue folks trapped in those growths, while seaching for the scientist or diplomat, or that huge borg map where you come down the long hill and eventually end up entering the borg complex, I dont know the names offhand, but they are huge maps that have a lot to do on them.. put a few captains and crews on the map, give them different tasks, then let them meet up, or pass on to a map with other folks that completed the first tasks and then work together for the final task.


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