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07-07-2012, 03:36 PM
One thing that saddens me if I am reading Mr. Stahl's comment correctly is that it sounds like new storyline missions are not a priority. Repeating dailies and the like that do not advance the story or provide character immersion are fine as side games for me, but I enjoy running story arcs on my characters.

I'm neither a PvPer nor a raider; STFs hold no particular interest for me. Missions and story arcs are my favorite part of the game. Compared to other MMOs, STO has very few. What they have is solid, but they need more for both factions. I'm certainly glad that the mission content scales to rank now; I have VAs still doing Lt. level content because the capped quickly via Doff missions.

Hopefully when DStahl mentioned content in the new sector block being similar to what we have in other sectors that will include a good number of story arcs as well, not just patrols and alerts. Perhaps I misinterpreted his remarks regarding mission development. If so, then thank you to Mr. Stahl and the dev team.

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