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# 1 On the fly feedback on Nakura
07-07-2012, 05:21 PM
Nakura appears to be slightly harder to click on in the map than other locations. Possibly needs a wider button?

When I first arrive and respond, the Hot Leads mission shows Complete but doesn't immediately disappear. I've seen this on Tribble, so could be simply a matter of lag time.

Both initial Easy level missions appear to work fine, though the Tholian AI appears to be a little quirky. They're a little too easy to kill since they spend most of the time running away from or around me. Mineral Matters appears to be faulty; can't seem to collect any crystals, though I found crystals that had a symbol above them as if I should be able to collect.

Interior missions appear much harder than external ones, having Tholians beaming in nearly faster than they could be taken down. Was only able to solo opening the cell doors. Gave up after several deaths.

Overall, a fantastic little thing you've got going here! Hope there's going to be a space fleet operation based on this as well. Love what you've done!
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# 2
07-07-2012, 06:06 PM
Just finished with my KDF scientist and I found it very interesting that one of the things I was using from my science kit appeared to heal the Tholians. Was this on purpose? If it was, I found it hilarious! That's exactly what I would have thought for radiation use!

Used Exothermic Induction Field, Hyperonic Radiation, and Electro-Gravitic Field.
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# 3
07-07-2012, 06:45 PM
why not post this in the main official feedback thread where they will be looking for feedback. not random threads which will disappear to the bottom of the forum

also anything that gives out plasma or heat will heal tholians who are from a hot, high gravity, plasma rich environment e.g demon class planets

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