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For ships that DON'T have a planned fleet upgrade for various reasons, I have what I think is a pretty simple solution.

Upgrade them to fleet ship status, in terms of number of consoles, shields, firepower, or whatever else is deemed relevant.

Give them a flat % debuff that knocks them back down to standard Tier 5. This debuff can be removed for fleet marks when fleets hit Tier 5.

This has a couple of interesting effects.

One is that it puts lockbox ships and ships with innate powers on a level playing field with fleet ships, for a price and once a fleet is progressed. It becomes a model for upgrade systems that leave no Tier 5 ships behind.

The other? It DOES give those ships an edge with C-Store consoles, whose special abilities would not be subject to a flat % debuff.

Honestly, this is how I would have handled ALL ship upgrading. Give every ship extra base stats, extra consoles, and tack on a debuff that knocks them down to present levels that can be removed for fleet marks. But I can see that a lot of work has been put into the fleet retrofit system. Still, for ships that don't have an upgrade, this is the way to do it IMHO.
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07-07-2012, 08:13 PM
you should learn to read the patch notes.

Updated the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship, Cardassian Galor, and Ferengi D'Kora so they have bonus HP, bonus shields, and an additional console slot so they are competitive with the fleet ships.
This is from the July 6 tribble patch notes. Whether they will do this with the other ships I have no idea.

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