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I noticed that the Tactical map on the fleet starbase is the same map as that 5 or 6 mission you take on where you kill a bunch of Klingons on an asteroid base surrounded by mines. And the Sci or Eng base(can't remember) is mostly a copy of what we see on the Captain's Chair base.

Btw, why in the world is "starbase" and "Klingons"questionable with the forum's spell check? Isn't it one word?

Edit: the title should have had "Fleet starbase" in it.
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07-08-2012, 03:54 AM
You actually expected effort on cryptics part ???

No doubt to have a unique fresh new design for each level on the starbase would have delayed season 6 till december at best !!!

Ohh and how i wish what i wrote was sarcasm !!!

HHMMMMMmmmmm, Pizza !!!!!

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