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Please consider the following changes to improve the game's 'trek' feel and enhance starship combat experience.

1- Reduce the damage output of weapons by half.

2- Increase the regeneration rate of shields by 2x the current rate. (shield stats)

3- Reduce the performance multiplier of boff abilities and capt. abilities by half.

4- Reduce speed of all ships by half.

5- Remove 'full impulse' speed setting from the game. - Have 'evasive maneuvers' be the speed burst ability for all ships and have evasive maneuvers drain all power from weapons and aux (not shields or engine) and put it into engine itself.

6- Reduce the number of 'mk' equipment performance so that there is for once a visible performance gap between equipment types. For example, rather than having Mk1 to Mk12 have only Mk 1, Mk 4, Mk 8 and Mk12. See #8 for what replaces the Mk's in between these.

(no, this isn't crazy talk... now you'll see why)

7- Increase the effect of power settings on weapons/speed/etc by 4x. This will make power setting management the KEY to starship combat. Its trek-like and it makes combat tremendously more fun.

8- Add 'flavor' versions of equipment in between the Mk equipment. For example, Mk 2 and 3 equipment will have the same primary function stats as the Mk1 except they will have the equipment's secondary and tertiary function greatly enhanced. A good example would be a Disruptor weapon. Mk1 will do say 100 damage. Mk2 will be 100 damage but have a very high chance (10% chance) of proc for the secondary effect (10% resist debuff). Mk3 will do 100 damage and have the same Mk1 2.5% chance to proc but the disable buff is greatly increased (to 20%). Mk3 will have the same Base Mk1 stats except the debuff effect lasts twice as long. The Mk4 will jump up in damage to 200 and so on and on.

9- Increase the penalty to turn rate based on ship's speed setting.

These changes will do several things:

It will remove the current dps-centric , in-your-face-blasting type of starship combat and replace it with a trek-like combat environment. Captains will be changing their power levels constantly as the situation requires and since the benefits of said power level increases would be greatly increased from current levels it will allow the ROLE and NICHE of each ship class to truly shine.

It will replace the 'all gear is crap except STF & Mk10 and above' reality as equipment performance will for once be truly different from the Mk above/below it. For once, people might choose to equip a Mk12 regenerative shield with x2 or x3 regen stat rather than a Maco shield because the effect of the regen stat when used with the 4x shield regen bonus from full shield power level would be much more beneficial to some ships than the special bonuses from the Maco shield.

The change in speeds changes the 'visibility' and 'immersion' of combat from a rush-by-shooter (arcade style) that it currently is to a more trek-like visual combat...and enables tactical shield-facing and maneuvering tactics to come into play. In short, it would be similar to how the Tier 1 ships fly and fight (which -IS- very trek-like in my opinion and its in the later tiers that ships become stupidly fast and arcade-ish).

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