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Bug: When hitting up while in the chat window, only the last thing said is saved; before, one could scroll back through many lines of previously entered text. Very useful when recruiting for giving the same spiel to incoming fleet members, or repeating a recruitment message even while chatting with others.

Related: Typing /[channel name] no longer switches the default channel to that channel. While this matches the chat behavior on Holodeck, I much preferred having it switch the default channel, as mucking with the mouse and menu is much less convenient. Recommended solutions are to create a chat option to allow the user to choose which behavior to use, or implementing an alternate way to enter the channel name to indicate that the default channel should be switched (e.g. /team [message] sends [message] to the team channel, but leaves the current channel in place, while >team [message] sends the message to team and changes the default channel to team as well.)

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