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# 1 Feedback & Requested Changes
07-08-2012, 09:41 AM
The following represents my feedback regarding the current state of STO and some tweaks which could hopefully be minor updates with immediate/large improvements to game play. Please keep this thread with constructive feedback.

1.) Duty Officer (DOF) Assignments: Increase the maximum number of DOF Assignments In Progress by +12 per each ?Duty Officer Roster Slots-100? or by +3 per each ?Duty Officer Roster Slots-25? purchased from the C-Store; making for a maximum of 54 assignments in progress at a roster size of 300.

2.) Starfleet/Klingon Academy: Provide cool-down timers for DOF Recruitment Assignments (for all 4 of the various Personnel Officers at each academy).

3.) DOF Assignment Chains, Biological Investigations (Gamma Quadrant Commodity Chains): Make the subsequent steps in these assignment chains always available shipboard once a chain has been started.

4.) DOF Assignment, Resettle Colonists: Make this assignment always available at a major starbase (SOL, DS9, K7, etc.); it is too critical to obtaining Colonists for the many colonial missions to not be readily available. The scarcity of this mission makes it difficult to do Colonial assignments.

5.) Bridge Officers (BO), Candidate Roster: Increase the maximum number of officers in our Bridge Officer Candidates list; preferably make it unlimited (see the next item as to why).

6.) Bridge Officers, Inventory: Make Bridge Officers directly transferable to inventory and allow them to be moved around once in our inventories (also allowing them to be put in various bank spaces, especially the fleet bank). Currently, they can wind up in inventory if you receive a BO while your Candidate Roster is full but then it is stuck in a specific inventory slot until you return them to the candidate list; many people have taken to e-mailing or returning BO?s from the Exchange in order to put them in to inventory since the Candidate roster is so limiting.

7.) Item Currency: Put all currency in the Assets tab of our inventory. Contradictory to previous STO announcements, we continue to get new forms of currency that take up inventory space. Please move these to our Assets tab (i.e. Lobi Crystals, Encrypted Data Chips, Borg Salvage, Reman Datalogs, Computer Core Fragment, bound Defera Invasion Resources, etc.); some of these may arguably be ?items? but when it comes down to it they are currency for a special vendor.

8.) Account Bank: I know this one is ahead of the full release of this bank space but I really hope that any character on an account will automatically pull items from the account bank if a required item is not in the personal bank space when there is a need to fulfill requirements for a DOF assignment (just like it pulls now from the personal bank space).

9.) Account Bank: Again, ahead of the full release but I really hope Tribbles will not breed in this bank space (as in the fleet bank space).

10.) Deuterium Surplus: Increase the stack size of this consumable to at least 20 (currently at 5).

11.) Consumables: Increase the stack size of all consumables (batteries, hypos, food, etc.) to 250; matching commodities and resources.

12.) Pets: Have all non-combat pets stored only on our Skills menu, rather than take up inventory space.

13.) Fireworks: Have this item stored in our Skills menu, rather than take up inventory space.

14.) Data Recorder: Have this item stored in our Skills menu, rather than take up inventory space.

15.) Azura Personal Comm Code: Have this item stored in our Skills menu, rather than take up inventory space.

16.) STF, Prototype Borg Tech: Make this item always rolled for on Greed/Need rather than given to a specific player. We often run STF?s as a Fleet and many times the same person receives the tech over and over again while the other players get skunked (we have one player with 6 mark XII deflectors while the rest of his team (regular same group) has received a combined total of 1 deflector).

17.) Tribbles: Given the work necessary to breed end-tier Tribbles (Nielson, Yu, Zinc, Daxter, Griffis), they should have their specific boosts increased to be more beneficial and equivalent to the now widely available Very Rare Tribbles; these Tribbles have fallen into greater disuse since their stats were ?normalized? (i.e. there is no good reason to breed them anymore).

18.) Environmental Suits: I was happy to see on the Tribble Test Server that there are new environmental suites with various defensive stats for Season 6. Given the high Dilithium cost of the suits sold at the asteroid by Brol, they should have their stats increased; it is just not worth the really high expenditure for a color but having increased stats reflecting the next higher tier would make the purchase acceptable.

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