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When you choose doffs for some assignments on tribble, all doffs meeting the mission requirements are shown- even if they are in sickbay, on another assignment, etc. It still gives a "failed to start" message. I tried a bit of troubleshooting but couldnt figure out any rhyme or reason to it- it just happens with some assignments sometimes- if i exited out of the doffs screen, went back in and picked the same assignment, i couldnt get it to happen again

An intermittent problem like this is going to require a lot more testing- but given that the only change to doffs seems to be the new borders (i really like them btw) you might want to start there.
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07-08-2012, 01:02 PM
I suspect that this is a result of you copying a character. I've noticed that one of my doffs does this even though he's on a mission, but it's a mission started before I copied the char.

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