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I know there's probably been a hundred threads like it, but I'm not going to bother with looking for one so I'll make my own. I'm a tactical officer and I'm probably going to be getting the HEC, so what should my build be for the ship?

Here is what know I'm going to have so far.

Boff slots:
Cm. Tac:
Lt. Cm. Tac: THY, TS
En. Tac:
Lt. Cm. Eng:
Lt. Sci:

I want to have my Borg and Photon Point defense consoles go somewhere in the Sci or Eng slots.
Tac: 4 Disruptor/AP/Tetryon (depending on which weapon set I'm using)

Hanger Bay:

Weapons (Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid, AP, or Tetryon for the energy weapons):

Shield: M.A.C.O
Deflector: Borg
Engines: Borg

I can also use the Jem'hadar set on it.

Any suggestions on my build?
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