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07-09-2012, 06:23 AM
Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
I tend to send people spare weapons that will do the job better if they seem to be held back

I have a few spare items banked I would never personally use (polaron for example im not jem hadar so I regard them as not any use)
That's a interesting thing to do - there are certain non [borg] weapons that can potentially do impressive damage in the right hands, or allow the team to do attacks that the AI cannot react to.

Spare pulsewaves, sniper rifles and a compression pistol or two might be worthwhile to give out in case you see a team with DPS or control issues. My tactical toon somehow dishes out immense damage with her tetryon compression pistol.

Believe it or not when ill prepared players get a hard time at elite grounds some of them adopt a stubborn mentality and will just fight it out to the bitter end, while veterans just ragequit and leave. This is where I find to be the perfect time to go into instructor mode for their benefit. School of hard knocks, as they say.
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