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Not sure if this has been debated before and if so, I apologize. But if not, why not??

I was browsing through engineer abilities the other day and started thinking about Direct Energy Mod (DEM).

For back story - I fly a fleet (partrol now?) escort. 4 turrets in back, 2 dual heavy cannons upfront and 2 dual beam banks - all are antiproton.

My engineer officers give me 2 emergency power to shields and 1 emergency power to weapons. What I've noticed is generally, my weapons power in attack mode never drops before like 90 or 100 - generally, always up at like 120/125. this is true even when i dont run EPtWeapons.

So i was thinking, why not switch this to DEM and get the additional boost? I do a fair amount of PvP so I was thinking this could help knock out hull and shields vs just shields.


i was also thinking of doing this on my beam boat which follows the dragon build. I would swap out both EPtWeaponds and replaced both with DEM. broadsiding worries me though - 6-7 phasers firing at once could be a poor choice to do without EPtWeapons.

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