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# 1 That awkward moment when...
07-09-2012, 10:13 AM buy a ship just for a console, completely intending to destroy it once you remove the desired item, and it gets randomly named "U.S.S. Challenger."

...there's a 20% sale on ships, 27th till the end of the month; payday on the 9th, stipend from subscription hits on the 10th. queue up for Elite STF while on ESD; show up in a shuttle from the previous hour's Vault STFs. didn't pay attention to secondary weapon before queueing up for ground STF - whip out a lirpa from replay of Coliseum.

...happily typing away in fleet chat when someone asks for if you're up for an STF. You say "Heck yeah!", only to find out it was a mistell, sorry.

...happily typing away in tells to a trusted friend when you accidentally mistell to your whole fleet the sordid details, nevermind. buy a D'Kyr and take it to the shipwright to change its colors & pattern. Oh. Well, no matter, I'll just change the hull type. Windows? finish a PVP match with the most damage dealt, most kills, top of the ever-lovin' heap - and the very next match you're 9 of the 15 possible deaths thanks to a good premade team. invite a friend to your bridge for a trade, accidentally trigger embarrasing dance emote you keybound while drunk. ask a friend to train your very rare science boff; forgot about shared cooldown and now have to make a hard choice.

...bust hump in replay to get Borg/Reman/Breen/Jem'Hadar Boff, level him, change some abilities... costume kills it for you after two weeks.

My meme is probably bad and I should feel bad.

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