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04-16-2009, 03:42 PM
Originally Posted by Awen
This one was from Kestrel BTW

:stands up and applauds:

Well done. Not bad for a Huumansss.

I particularly like'd the overall flow of the tale. It didn't seem rushed, and - maybe because I just enjoy any Gorn content - seemed to flow quite well (and was engaging). I didn't feel the urge to skim. I really became engaged with what was being said.

Now two game aspects came to mind during the read:
  • What will a Gorn 'Scream' sound like in the game -- Personally I hope it is more Saurian (ie like from 'Aliens' or a painfully hiss), then a human voice trying to pretend to be a reptile.
  • Navigational Thrusters --- Will there be a chance to have those go 'off-line' and thus lose directional control of our ship until repaired?

Now, off to find a Klingon to sharpen my talons on. Where is Lt. Gozer?

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