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Originally Posted by thibash View Post
If you mean I'm not allowed to disagree with you, then sorry to disappoint you, because I still do.

The level 40 ships are equal in power and stats to the buyable c-store VA ones. The buyable ones have neat tricks which, I agree, may make them a bit stronger than the level 40 ones but that is mostly theoretical. There is no area of the game where your level 40 ship won't allow you to be competitive with a player who's flying a c-store ship.

So basically, you get your free endgame ship at level 40 already. Why should you get it again at level 50?

The RA Lvl ships have no serious disadvantage compared to the cstore ships. Any properly equipped free RA vessel can hold there own in endgame. However, one can seriously screw up a cstore ship build. (Rainbow Oddys FTL!!!)
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07-09-2012, 09:53 PM
I believe the origional point was the costume and not necessarily the more powerful ship. Since all of the conic ships from the series (excluding TOS ships) are captain and va level. I think for most people it isn't just about the gaming aspect, it's about cruising around in a ship like the one from your favorite series. Infact the only free va ships that were even on screen is the soveriegn and the promethius, if you didn't like them your stuck with a new canon ship.
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