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# 1 My personal Bortas builds
07-10-2012, 01:54 AM
So, the ship sale we had a weekend or two ago, I bought the Bortas pack, figuring I'd like that more than the Odyssey pack, which I might get in the future.

And I do, quite a bit. I don't see a huge amount of Bortas threads, at least newer ones, maybe they were all made already. Anyways, I'd just like to mention my own two builds I use:

First off, Klingon tac in the tactical Bortasqu'.

Fore weapons (All weapons are currently Mk XI Borg-specifics)

Two disruptor single cannons
One disruptor dual beam bank (used for beam-abilities, can be switched for another single cannon)
Photon torpedo launcher (might change to a different one soon)

Aft weapons

Four disruptor turrets (sometimes 3 turrets and a tricobalt torpedo launcher or a cloaking tractor-beam mine launcher)

I use the Klingon Honor Guard set, Mk XI for shields, deflector, and engine.


Engineering slots:

All three Bortas consoles
Isometric Charge console (sometimes switched for the Borg console)

Science slot:

Mk XI rare Biofunction Monitor (also sometimes switched for the Borg one)

Tactical slots:

5 Mk XI rare Disruptor Induction Coils

Bridge Officer slots:

Cmdr. Engineering: E-power to shields 1, engineering team 2, Aux to dampeners 2, DEM 3

Lt. Cmdr Universal: Tac team 1, a cannon ability, and usually Attack Pattern Omega 1, sometimes switches to a beam abillity if needed.

Lt. sci: TSS 1, Hazard Emitters 2

Lt. tac: Tac team 1, High yield 2

Ensign Universal: Polarize Hull 1

Base power levels: 100 weapons, 25 shields, 50 engines, 25 aux.

So, as you can see, this is pretty much all about shoving as much damage as possible onto my unfortunate foe. I use single cannons because the Bortas lacks any kind of actual turning, but I have like Omega 1, and the aux to dampeners 2 to help somewhat in that.

The mines i sometimes use which really help keep my foe in place, even for a few moments. Subspace Snare is used for virtually the same purpose, to bring my foe in front of me. I may also eventually buy the Subspace Jump console, for similar reasons.

The Bird-of-Prey console is mostly just used to add even more firepower and harassment to the enemy. On top of all that, the tactical buffs you get from having all three consoles, help my damage output even further still.

I use mostly single cannons and turrets for the above reasons, I really can't afford to spend a huge amount of time trying to face my target. Dual cannons and the like, just would be off too often except in an STF, to be of any real use.

At least with single cannons I can still shoot them regardless, but even having an enemy to my side still lets me fire most of my weapons.

The biggest weakness it in PvP isn't the turn rate, although that is a big one, it is when people use Reverse Shield Polarity. Not because of normal weapons firing from my ship, but when I hit the Disruptor Autocannon, and someone uses that, all that possible damage is just absorbed right into their shields instead.

Despite all that, it is still very potent from what I have been able to do so far.

Klingon Engineer in the engineering Bortasqu'.

Fore weapons (also all Borg-specific)

Three Mk XI disruptor Beam arrays
Photon torpedo launcher

Aft weapons

Same as above, except with a tricobalt torpedo launcher sometimes

It also uses the Mk XI Klingon Honor Guard set, used to use the Aegis set.


Engineering slots:

4 rare Mk XI Neutronium Alloy (used to be 5, but the extra resistance was minimal)
1 rare Mk XI Emergency Force Fields

Science slot:

1 rare Mk XI Biofunction Monitor

Tactical slots:

4 rare Mk XI Disruptor Induction Coils

Bridge officer stations:

Cmdr. Engineering: E-power to shields 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1, E-power to shields 3, Eject Warp Plasma 3

Lt. Cmdr Universal: Engineering Team 1, Aux to dampeners 1, Aux to structural 2

Lt Tac: Tac team 1, Attack pattern Beta 1

Lt. Sci: TSS 1, Hazard Emitters 2

Ensign Universal: Polarize Hull 1 (sometimes switched for another heal, usually Sci. team 1)

Base Power levels: 100 weapons, 25 shields, 50 engines, 25 aux. (sometimes engines switch with aux, usually if needing the heals to be stronger, mostly for STFs)

So this one is pretty much the opposite of the other one, instead of pumping out as much damage, it is mean to take as much of a beating as I can make it take. I use Neutronium alloys to know I'll always have resistance without worry.

It does put out decent damage, and I use a 'standard' build of beam arrays and torpedoes like what is generally seen out of a cruiser like this. Beta 1 is there because it is always useful in any combat situation, regardless of it being PvP, STFs, or anything else.

Aux to dampeners 1 is more there for the other buffs, than trying to turn around quickly, especially so it isn't making more cooldowns happen, like if I had another engineering team there for example. I've tried using Aux to structural 1 as well, but it wasn't worth it in my opinion.

Well, this extremely long post is done, those are my builds. Questions, recommendations, opinions, CONSTRUCTIVE comments, etc, please feel free to say. I'd love to get feedback on what people think.

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