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# 1 Multiple-set bonuses?
07-10-2012, 01:36 AM
This may sound extremely overpowered, but I had a really interesting thought earlier.

What if there were bonuses for equipping multiple different sets of items? I mean this in space only.

I've been looking at all the different sets we have in the game, the Breen, Borg, Bortas and Odyssey consoles, Ferengi Marauder, Aegis, STF sets, and so on.

So I was looking at the Borg set-pieces, and how they all say the systems are designed to work in tandem with one-another. My thought was, wouldn't it logically make sense then, if a combination of sets on a single ship, improve and enhance it's abilities further?

My thought isn't like giving a ship a...Photonic Cannon or something silly like that, but more along the lines of the Bortas/Odyssey consoles, and the Borg set, enhancing the systems of the ships, possibly improving special abilities gained by the sets.

Here is an example:

The three Odyssey consoles together enhance your engineering systems. Specifically hull plating, armor reinforcements, and your EPS systems. What if, on top of that, you used the full MACO space set (for sake of the post, we'll say Mk XII). So you'd get all the bonuses from that as well.

Now, what if on top of all that, by using all these systems together on your Odyssey cruiser, you gained a further enhancement? Maybe...a bonus to your warp core potential, or a flat power bonus to all systems, possibly the Heavy Graviton Beam will hit multiple foes instead of just one.

A similar occurance would work for the Bortas consoles, and the Honor Guard set. Perhaps in that case, maybe it would enhance all damage done by your ship, or maybe at least disruptor damage to enhance the disruptor auto-cannon even more, possibly just boost your weapons power, and/or reduce the amount of weapons energy drained while firing.

Those kinds of things are really what I mean, not a super-power to use once in awhile that everyone would want, but an extra, to add even further strength to already potent systems, BUT not to the point of making an uber ship.

It would make sense, at the very least for Starfleet, to design their systems to work together in the most efficient manner possible, and thus if all those systems are there, they would work better than if they were apart.

Again, this might sound overpowered, but I just thought it made sense at the very least.

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