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1. A Better Ignore Button.

Now, as far as the game is currently programmed, the Ignore Button currently works like this: You can right-click on a user, and hit "Ignore," This will make it to where you won't be able to see the person's chat and private messages, however, you can still see the person, the person can see you, and the person can see your messages.

How this should work, in my opinion, is that the same happens, you don't see the person's chat and PM's, but also, you can't see the player's character and/or ship, the player can't see you, and the player can't see your chat and PM's.

2. Allow the Earth Spacedock Hangar to be accessible on the space map.

I am really getting tired of the "Auto-Beam Down" barriers that you hit when you approach the spacedoors of ESD. I believe players should be able to freely fly into the hangar. Would be cool to be able to do things like recreate the "Stealing the Enterprise" scene from Star Trek III.

These are my current suggestions thus far. All feedback are welcomed.
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07-10-2012, 05:03 AM
About your 2nd. The first thing myself and a friend did was try to dock at Earth space station and was dissapionted that we couldn't.
This got me thinking back to a game I played years ago called X2 where you could dock your ship inside a space station and it brought depth to the game. The next one, X3 reunion took that away and replaced it with a docking arm which took the depth away as most games seem to these days unfortunately in my personal view.
At Deep Space 9 I noticed like myself some people dock on the outer ring at the docking ports, but then I'm a roleplayer and like the realism same as some others. Shame you can't go into your ship and walk through the docking port onto the station as you would really do it.
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07-10-2012, 08:04 AM
Both of those have been suggested previously. I'm big on the second on myself.

I could have sworn that a dev spoke up once about the first one and that it couldn;t be done with the current engine. I'd have to dig for the thread and considering it would be marked as an Archive post, there's really no easy way to point at it and say "That's a dev post"

I think that the spacedocks that get developed as part of the pending stardocks are supposed to be more interactive. At least we'll have that.
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1. While I don't really mind ignoring other players comments in chat, I'd rather not ignore their avatar completely.

2. If you approach even closer to ESD you reach the "maneuvering thrusters only" zone and then your ship is brought inside ESD just between the open doors. Try it sometime.

edited: re-read the OP a couple of times...

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